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It's what Obama omits

The American people and the world are looking at Barack Obama, the leader of the free world, to see what he’ll do about the conflagration engulfing Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and, as it spreads, possibly Algeria and Jordan

The revolt against the Mubarak government is not really unexpected, and if reports from WikiLeaks documents and news coverage in the UK Times are to be believed, the United States has been secretly encouraging foment.

Of course, the public image thus far is of Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sounding like strict parents, advising the Mubarak government to use restraint and to listen to the people.

Whether you like the Egyptian government or not, it remains a main U.S. ally and is the recipient of the second highest level of American foreign aid.

Given that, it’s ridiculous that some media reports express astonishment that some tear-gas canisters used in the street fighting are labeled “made in the U.S.”

Well, at least the Egyptians spend our money in our country. Better that, than China. But, I digress.

Egypt has helped keep a modicum of peace in a part of the world that’s critical to the west, despite its dictatorship.

Bottom line, if the revolution escalates to overturning the government, we have more to fear in what the result might be.

Think back to Iran when protests against the shah resulted in the hostage crisis and the establishment of a militant Islamic government, which remains to this day and, in fact, presents the world with a real nuclear threat.

In the interim with Egypt, we face a major disruption of traffic through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean. The financial impact to the west would be astronomical, a fact not missed by the militants.

Remember, too, Obama did nothing to support young Iranians in their attempt to change their regime two years ago. They were hung out to dry by the U.S.

Accusations are already flying that he’s doing the same now. What is he doing? Where he does he stand on the crisis? Unfortunately, the image of Obama is of someone in over his head.

I suspect he thinks he’s doing his job when he works behind the scenes. It’s when things become public that we find out this emperor really has no clothes.

He gave us a real hint with his State of the Union address.

We were primed to expect a speech that would shake the country, if not the world. The press waited with bated breath.

Well, some media. I never swallowed the Kool-Aid that Obama is the greatest orator ever. He isn’t and proved it in spades last week when he nearly lulled the audience to sleep and infuriated those who did listen because of what he said, how he said it and the placement of issues in the litany of what he plans to lay on the country make it fit his view of this country.

The speech was a yawner; even his sycophantic supporters thought so.

We’re finally seeing Obama for what he is: a poseur in presidential clothing.

Barack Obama is in over his head, and his speech proves it. Never mind that we’re told he’s tilting to pacify dissatisfied voters. He’s still rattled from the midterm election losses.

He thought he was untouchable – that whatever he wanted, the American people would support.

He believed the words his speechwriters gave him.

He believed the media raves, ignoring that they simply provided him with a mirror.

He believed that the people who voted for him – blindly accepting his call for change for change’s sake – would never desert him.

He was – and appears still to be – a delusional fool.

He seems to regard the midterm election results as an isolated tantrum that would be soothed by another speech.

His words in Tucson did much to convince him of that, but he ignored the criticisms that surfaced after that “memorial” embarrassment. The event was to honor those killed and injured by a non-political shooter. Survivors, families and friends were present as were thousands of area residents.

Their grief was subjected to opportunistic abuse as Obama fell into political mode, catering to the crowd, encouraging cheers and shouts by allowing them to continue.

Not once did he ask them to stop and show respect.

Apparently, he’s constitutionally unable to do anything in public that doesn’t reflect his image of himself.

As he once famously said, “We are the one we’ve been waiting for.”

Unfortunately, Obama’s ego is wearing pretty thin.

Fortunately for the country, it’s about time.

Americans see him at his most egotistical shallowness, but also that he really doesn’t know what it means to be president.

The president is supposed to listen to the people and pay attention to their desires and demands for what they expect for their country.

Unfortunately, this president has his own agenda and intends to get what he wants. Listen to his speeches as he talks about health care, gays in the military, illegal immigration, government growth, deficits and more. It’s what he wants, and everyone else be damned.

The message of the midterm election was that the people want lower taxes, smaller government, less spending and less debt.

Everybody heard, except Obama. His speech was filled with how the government will solve all the problems.

That he already tried it to the tune of billions doesn’t faze him. It’s what he wants and by God, he intends to do it.

He managed to slip and slide through issues of his choosing, ignoring those that most Americans consider critical.

The real question is whether Americans will hold Obama’s feet to the fire, forcing him to act like an elected American president and not like our own version of a dictator.

Our future depends on it.