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Something to make pro-lifers dance!

It’s been a long time since pro-lifers had anything to dance about. But hold onto your dancing shoes – Ohio State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann is introducing the “Heartbeat Bill,” which will protect babies beginning with their first heartbeat! And not only are pro-lifers happy about it, there will be more than 20,000 babies a year whose hearts will continue to beat because of it. Pro-life pioneer Dr. John “Jack” Willke estimates it will save 95 percent of the babies who would otherwise be aborted!

One skeptic asked me how we planned to get such a bill through the committee. Prime sponsor Rep. Wachtmann also happens to be the chairman of the committee hearing it. But how are we going to get it through the House, you ask? Already more than one-third of the Ohio House has agreed to cosponsor the “Heartbeat Bill” –and we’re just getting started!

I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’ve lobbied for a lot of bills, but I have never seen such support of any bill as I have this one! One legislator said, “I was wondering if I should support the other efforts since they didn’t do enough. Finally a bill we can get excited about!”

As I told that legislator, I’m for supporting all those other bills – any protection is better than what we have now.

But the “Heartbeat Bill,” when passed, will be the most protective law in the nation. It is our best chance to protect the most children, and there’s an easy way you can help. Help fill the Ohio Statehouse by sending heart-shaped red balloons to some or all 99 Ohio state reps! We hope to deliver hundreds of heart-shaped, red balloons to each representative in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day (when the “Heartbeat Bill” will be introduced by Chairman Wachtmann).

Watch the music video with the happy, dancing babies (in utero and out), and join the campaign that makes protecting babies fun. This bill will not only warm your heart, but it just might make you dance! Be sure to see the music video (a parody to that ’80s song “99 Red Balloons”). The new words are below.

Also, please help us by forwarding this to every pro-lifer you know around the nation – because this is the catalyst that will protect babies across the country. Already, states are lining up to get a copy of the Heartbeat Bill to pass in their state. Please post the link: HeartBeatBill.com to Facebook, blogs and news sites.

To those who say “it’s not the right time” to protect babies, after 38 years of killing, we simply aren’t going to wait any longer! The time to act is NOW. Ohio has the opportunity to make history again; when the Heartbeat Bill passes, our children’s beating hearts will no longer be forcefully and brutally broken.

Here are the words so you can sing along to the music video: