A stranger and me, San Juan, Puerto Rico, January 2011

Walking the streets of San Juan for my first time, I try to think up adjectives for my postcard. It looks “beat up,” poor, tired and dirty … bruised. Orwellian. What America will look like if Obama wins in 2012. I went to the Starbuck’s Internet Cafe and couldn’t get a connection. The barista told me, “Unfortunately, a man died today and fell into the Internet and broke it, so no one can get service. It’s in the newspaper. I’m sorry.” I looked at my friend Larry. After a long moment of confusion, we burst out laughing. I still don’t understand that sentence.

I’m scared and saddened that there are still Americans who don’t understand who is running our government and what their goals are.

I try to educate my friends and family, but my enthusiasm sometimes gets in the way. I do not have the gift of “the art of persuasion.”

I got kicked out of Olive Garden this week.

I was at my friend’s 80th birthday party, and I innocently invited her grand-niece to my next W.I.N. meeting. Niece said she couldn’t come to my house to pray for our country because she voted for Obama and is voting for Obama in 2012. Oh. OK. I was dying of curiosity and asked her why she voted for him. Her reasons:

1) “Change”
2) He’s ending the war, someday
3) He loves his daughters
4) He’s a “strong” leader
5) He gives me “free stuff”

I tried to give her a crash course on capitalism / socialism / communism to no avail. She gets “free stuff!” She doesn’t care where it comes from or what the big picture is.

She said, “What’s wrong with communism? Everyone should be equal.” My heart rate quickened. My blood pressure shot up. Everyone is created equal, but everyone doesn’t end up equal because of the choices they make. Some good, some bad. Why should I be punished for her bad choices? When she said that “Republicans only care about themselves,” I almost exploded. When she said I wouldn’t understand because I’m a “movie star” I almost stabbed my eyes out with my fork. I couldn’t find it in myself to scream out, “My mind-numbingly boring waitress-typist-file-clerk-gym-coach jobs also supported you! Not just my TV jobs! You idiot! You should be thanking me!”

What made someone ask me to leave was when I was trying to explain abortion to this Obama-lover. I told her that Obama voted not only for “partial-birth abortion,” which is cracking the skull of a baby and sucking it’s brain out, but that he promoted a law that says if a baby accidentally survives an abortion it should be killed. She said, “Where did you hear that?”

Me: “It’s public record. The Internet.”

Her: (condescending) “Oh, come on now – you believe the Internet?! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

I then pointed to a stranger at the next table and said, “Freedom? I should have the freedom to kill her?” I was trying to explain that a baby has the same rights as the stranger sitting next to me … but I guess it all went wrong.

I do not have the gift of “the art of persuasion.” Let’s hope we can find a Republican candidate who does, someone like Reagan, because there are a lot of dumb people out there who need a calm, coherent, persuasive, good communicator who doesn’t get frustrated by idiots.

After I got kicked out of Olive Garden, my mom said, “We are so tired of hearing about Obama, the Muslim, the communist, the birth … we have heard it for five years now and we are sick of it.”

Me: (Five years?) “Um, yeah, me too.”

I started thinking. If you are in a burning building, when do you quit screaming “FIRE!”? When everyone is safe.

That’s why I must keep bothering my friends and neighbors with horrible facts. Sorry.

If “social justice” programs are so effective, why are the numbers of poor growing instead of shrinking?

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.” – Winston Churchill

Liberals stir up class warfare. I never minded being poor because I knew that in America I could change my lot in life if I worked real hard. I had hope, motivation and incentive.

“Welfare makes the poor poorer and the rest of us bankrupt.”

The church is supposed to take care of the widows and orphans, not the government.

By twisting Scripture, and waving the red flag of “social justice,” a Soros-funded, frightening group, Jim Wallis and the Sojourners, (sounds like a rock band) have crept communism into the church. Read this. They are poisoning Christians into voting for progressives. I found a lot of Los Angeles Christians in this group.

Jerry Newcombe has a great Christian view of socialism. Check it out.

Liberals say they care, but they keep them there. We say we care, and we want them outta there! I’d rather be a conservative and help the poor get rich!

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