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'Buddha' gives Rush Limbaugh lesson on being nice

Rush Limbaugh and Adolph Hitler get mentioned together a lot by “progressives,” but this latest example tops them all.

Two New Age practitioners writing for The Huffington Post speculate on “What Buddha Might Say to Rush Limbaugh.”

After explaining that even Hitler must be forgiven if one wishes to attain enlightenment, the authors add in the very next paragraph: “Fast forward and apply this teaching to Rush Limbaugh. We can see his ignorance (it’s pretty unavoidable) and hope that he’ll become aware of the suffering he is causing and the ignorance he is perpetuating. We can hope that he’ll change his ways. We can also wish him well. This is also for our own benefit – so we don’t hold on to such negativity.”

Meanwhile, writing for the venerable, highbrow, conservative periodical Commentary, professor Wilfred M. McCay explained “How To Understand Rush Limbaugh.” His essay is thoughtful primer on how Rush changed radio, and American conservatism.

On the air this week, as the U.S. struggled to cope with massive snowfalls, Rush Limbaugh mocked Al Gore for insisting that this weather was due to global warming (FREE video):

Michael Savage

Online columnist Andrew T. Durham congratulated Michael Savage for pointing out “something hiding in plain sight: the fact that many of the protest signs being slung by the protesters in Egypt are preprinted, in block letters and in English.”

He adds, “A man like Michael Savage, unique in U.S. media, belies my above statement. Concerning intelligence and wisdom, Savage has them locked down … with a vise grip.”

On the air, Savage pondered Obama’s role, if any, in the Egyptian uprising (FREE audio).

Recently, Savage “walked into a San Francisco store to get his cell phone fixed,” and had a colorful exchange with the store’s Muslim manager (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Father Thomas Euteneuer, “South Florida’s only official exorcist,” once told Sean Hannity he’d deny him communion if Hannity challenged church teaching. This week, Euteneuer admitted to committing “sexual indiscretions” with “an adult woman under his spiritual care.”

On his radio show, Brigitte Gabriel joined Hannity to explain the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Egyptian uprisings, calling it “the oldest terrorist organization in the world.” Other guests this week included Mitch McConnell, Frank Gaffney, John Bolton and Newt Gingrich (audio is members only).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin started the week discussed the uprising in Egypt with Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policies and Andy McCarthy of National Review (FREE audio).

Levin welcomed Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post to discuss the situation in the Middle East. Glick commented that Obama only seems to want to develop relationships with countries that hate America (FREE audio).

Levin compared Obama’s ongoing refusal to acknowledge a judge’s ruling against Obamacare to the behavior of a dictator like Hosni Mubarak in Egypt (FREE audio).

He singled out New York Congressman Anthony Weiner for defending Obamacare on “totalitarian” grounds. Levin, an expert on the Constitution, took Weiner to task for misrepresenting the Commerce Clause (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is now heard on more stations than ever. According to RadioInk.com, her show is now heard on 328 radio affiliates, including eight in the top 10 markets.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels had a surprising reaction when Ingraham asked him about the Egyptian situation: “I don’t have a lot to say about it. I’m just a provincial governor out here.”

Mitt Romney was more interested in discussing foreign policy, telling Ingraham that “China represents a serious threat to the world” (FREE audio).

Two conversations about immigration rounded out the week, as Laura talked with Senator Orrin Hatch about the issue. Then Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu refuted Janet Napolitano’s positive border security assessment (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

After MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called Michelle Bachmann “a balloon head,” Beck devoted considerable airtime to defending Bachmann and educating Matthews on American history (FREE view).

Beck also revealed what he said was the real reason for Matthews’ MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann’s sudden firing last week – Olbermann had become too critical of Obama (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

“Is Al Sharpton poised to become Obama’s talk radio czar?”

That’s what Radio Equalizer’s Brian Maloney is wondering, regarding Sharpton’s latest crusade, against Rush Limbaugh. As usual, Sharpton is caught contradicting himself on the issue of government censorship, while appearing on two different programs (FREE audio).

That Sharpton speaks out of both sides of his mouth comes as no surprise. What is troubling is that, while conflict rages in the Middle East and the government is running record deficits, Sharpton is focused only on silencing one of his most powerful critics.