I’m sorry. I think I missed something. Isn’t Barack Obama president of this country, the United States of America?

If that’s so, then how did we get to the point where much of what comes out of Washington and his administration seems to focus on the welfare of other people, other nations and laws and regulation of his choosing?

How did we get to the point where the man who’s supposed to speak for all Americans, who’s supposed to act to support and protect the country which elected him, who swore to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land and who’s supposed to stand for democracy and freedom, seems to have lost his way?

One need only look at the headlines of the last two weeks to see how we’ve gone off the rails.

Egypt, a long-time ally of the U.S., is in flames and politically in turmoil and other Muslim countries face the same fate.

If one believes the media, all this came out of the blue.

Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is suddenly faced with a security crisis that threatens its very existence and, at the same time, it sees the U.S. deserting it as an ally.

In fact, the U.S. is deserting Israel just as it has Hosni Mubarak – long a U.S. ally but who’s being thrown to the wolves of the Muslim Brotherhood, which aims to control Egypt. The revelation of secret meetings between the Brotherhood and the Obama administration reflects the goal of the spread of militant Islam in the entire region.

Like it or not, WikiLeaks documents do a great service to those troubled by government deception.

The latest, initially reported in the London Telegraph, show clearly the duplicity of the Obama administration – not only in dealing with the Egyptian upheaval but also with a betrayal of the British to facilitate U.S. dealings with Russia.

Does it bother you that U.S. officials were briefed as long ago as 2007 and 2008 that al-Qaida terrorists had “the technical competence to manufacture an explosive device beyond a mere dirty bomb?” The warning said that “dirty radioactive improvised explosive devices” were being assembled and that their bioterrorism technology was greatly advanced.

Documents revealed details of nuclear smuggling from Russia. There were German concerns about aircraft security and warnings about the possible use of toys to smuggle bombs onto planes.

Did the American people get even a hint of this from the administration? No.

Did the administration ever use the word “terrorists” or “terrorism” or did it speak of a heightened security threat? No.

Any thoughts that this country has a “special relationship” with Britain were thoroughly trashed by the newest WikiLeaks cables. The Telegraph published the nauseating details last week.

The United States ordered diplomats to spy on Foreign Office ministers, gathering not only official information but also personal foibles, medical conditions and gossip, apparently to be used as political leverage.

This information was reported directly to Hillary Clinton’s office.

As if not bad enough, other released cables show that Barack Obama used Britain’s nuclear secrets as bargaining chips in getting the Russians to sign the START treaty.

To make it clear: The United States betrayed long-time alliances with Britain by giving Russia secret information about every Trident missile the Brits have, as well as their nuclear capability.

Britain had steadfastly refused to agree to share the Trident information with Russia. Despite that, the U.S., in its determination to get the START treaty signed, gave the information to Russia anyway. Now, not only will the number of British warheads be known but also the number of missiles.

Can they ever trust us again?

That Barack Obama would betray Britain is disgusting to anyone with any sense of history who knows the unique political and social relationship between the two countries. But Obama has his own agenda and loyalty to democratic and freedom-loving friends isn’t part of it.

He’s repeatedly broken protocol and breached manners and courtesy in his dealings with Great Britain. There was the arbitrary return of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s gift of the Churchill statue and the insulting treatment of PM Gordon Brown (and the insipid gifts of DVDs in the wrong format for Europe) during his Washington visit. Then there was the egotistical gift of DVDs of Obama’s speeches to Queen Elizabeth and Michelle Obama’s inappropriate dress during the meeting with the queen, to say nothing of her arm around the royal shoulders.

But all of that is minor compared to this latest betrayal. It appears that while Obama does all he can to appease Muslim countries and support movements encouraging militant Islamist governments, he clearly insults and betrays our allies.

Does he really expect their continued support, given our betrayals and embarrassments? Doesn’t he realize there is the element of self-preservation and that there are people/countries who are not ready to acquiesce to an enemy so easily, as it appears the United States of Obama is ready to do?

Obama’s actions spell the decline and downfall of the United States, and indicate that the man who is president has an agenda that doesn’t match our history.

Earlier I raised the question that perhaps Obama has lost his way.

Perhaps the real issue is that Barack Obama is doing what he always intended, and Americans who believed otherwise have been mightily misled – to their ultimate detriment and the possible loss of their country.

You decide.

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