Sophie B. Hawkins

Just who you’d expect to find at a conservative conference-related event: A Hillary Clinton activist who is a lesbian and posted a YouTube video telling the onetime Democrat presidential candidate, “You are everything America represents.”

One of the bigger events held during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington starting tomorrow will feature lesbian singer Sophie B. Hawkins, who told Clinton in her video, “You’ll do such things to ease our pain,” and “Woman’s place is in the White House.”

The events simply put an exclamation point on the controversy that has embroiled CPAC over the last year-plus as it has made accommodations for the “conservative” GOProud homosexual advocacy organization to become part of mainstream CPAC.

Hawkins’ piece, “D***, I wish you were our president,” was a play on her popular, “D***, I wish I was your lover.”

Her video:

It’s just one of the controversies that have been keeping CPAC officials engaged. Besides alienating social conservatives by permitting GOProud to participate in its signature event, the annual CPAC convention, the organization has been rocked by a scandal in which hundreds of thousands of dollars was reported to the Internal Revenue Service as misappropriated and the group is coming under fire from national security conservatives for allowing Suhail Khan, an alleged associate of radical Muslim activists, to serve on the board.

And now a Hillary fan is entertaining CPAC crowds.

It was because of its decision to cooperate with GOPround some of the best-known conservative organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, Media Research Center and the National Organization for Marriage are not participating in the conference this year.

It was an announcement from GOProud itself that gave notice of Hawkins’ plans to be at its party.

In an event advertised as closed except to ticket holders, the organization said it is holding a party with “conservative media mogul Andrew Breitbart” Thursday during the CPAC events.

“The Big Party will celebrate GOProud and the growth of a conservative movement that is focused on getting the government out of people’s lives,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud, in his announcement.

“We are thrilled to have Andrew Breitbart join us in putting together what will be the party of the CPAC weekend.”

The organization confirmed Hawkins will headline the event.

Hawkins came to prominence in 1992 with her debut album “Tongues & Tails,” which went gold and earned a Grammy nomination.

It included her popular single, “D*** I Wish I Was Your Lover.”

Two years later, “Whaler” followed, and then in 1999 she released “Timber.”

According to her GOProud, “2004’s Wilderness followed. Working out of her home studio near Los Angeles Hawkins wrote and laid down Wilderness’ tracks on a variety of instruments: guitar, cello, drums, keys, plus the exotic percussion that has fascinated her since her studies while growing up in New York with African drum legend Babatunde Olatuni and at the Manhattan School of Music. On Wilderness, these elements flow through nuanced arrangements, in which echoes of Nina Simone, Laura Nyro, and other influences only enhance Hawkins’ unique sound.”

ACU chairman David Keene

Multiple online answer sites identify her as lesbian.

Breitbart said the party “will highlight the story the main stream media has missed in the weeks leading up to CPAC, namely that the vast majority of the conservative movement is united and welcomes GOProud and any other conservative into the fold.”

He’s on the GOProud Advisory Council.

“The truth is that it is liberals in America who are bent on dividing people, on forcing people into ideological boxes based merely on their race, religion, sex or sexual orientation,” he said.

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