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Congressman's border solution? 'Deport the liberals'

Rep. Steve King

WASHINGTON – Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa today told a session of the Conservative Political Action Conference meetings in Washington that the 87 new GOP freshman in the U.S. House are “God’s gift to America.”

The idea is that they will be responsive to the tea-party groups and others who voted for them, and made a couple of things clear in the 2010 election: that they are tired of business as usual in Washington and they want some real answers to problems.

King also raised the issue of the ongoing issue of illegal immigration, which made headlines just last year when Arizona adopted a provision for its officers to enforce federal immigration law – and the federal government sued to prevent that from happening.

King warned of the multiple proposals for “comprehensive immigration reform,” which he said is nothing but “amnesty” for those who have broken the nation’s law by coming in without authorization.

“It’ll be a lot easier to kill amnesty with this speaker [Ohio Republican John Boehner] than when it was Nancy Pelosi,” he said.

He said the nation already has doubled the size of the border patrol, but suggests:

King also addressed taxation.

“I’ve drafted legislation that puts an end to the business expense of paying wages to illegals. So when the IRS does an audit, the money spent on illegals is denied exemption as a business expense. It goes over to the profit column where it turns a $10-an-hour illegal to a $16-an-hour illegal,” he said, “And we end up with a new illegal deduction elimination act.”

He accused Democrats who have been seeking more open borders of undermining the rule of law, the Constitution and fiscal responsibility.

But he offered a solution.

“If liberals want to bring somebody [in] somebody illegal, grant them amnesty, fine. We’ll keep them. Let’s deport the liberals instead,” he said.