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Are all presidential candidates liars?

Why is it so difficult for politicians to be honest with us, especially those running for the office of president of the United States?

I am simply saying that if you know you are going to run for president, or if you have made your mind up that you’re running, why is it so hard to let us know? You say it is the aspect of timing and not wanting to get in too early and the wisdom of when to announce. Even with those reasons, I still have a problem with you. If you know you’re going to run but say you are going to wait and see, then that is really an outright lie. On the other hand, if you truly don’t know if you’re going to run for president of the United States by now, what makes you think you are a good candidate anyway? It certainly looks like indecision to me.

Are you candidates waiting to see some kind of poll rather than having the conviction of your heart? Are you waiting to see if it makes sense to run for the highest office in the land? What is the true meaning behind statements like I am going to see, I am going to put together an exploratory committee? What are you going to learn from an exploratory committee that your heart hasn’t already told you? Some of you say you need to discuss with your family the option of running. That might be the only legitimate excuse you have.

Does the question about the amount of money you can raise dictate your decision, or are you guided by a commitment that you are the best person for the job? What conclusions did you come to in deciding you are the best person? Are you willing to try and even lose simply because you know you are the best person to run the country?

In the last several months, I have looked and listened and seen countless numbers of names thrown about and heard the speculation about whether or not they will run. The ifs, the ands, the buts and the maybes are frustrating. There is no time for indecision in America today. If you decide to run and raise money and find out you are losing, what are you planning on doing with the money you have raised aside from putting it in your own coffers and saving it for a rainy day?

Does your belief system bounce back and forth from day to day and month to month? I have seen many politicians more concerned about winning than about upholding their deeply held convictions. We know this is true when we see Republicans and Democrats alike turning and running as independents just so they can win elections. How did they keep their convictions intact by doing that?

Are you influenced by members of the press who say you can win? I have seen too many politicians use the hour-by-hour analysis of the media to determine their principles. If you are liberal, stick to your views; if conservative, stick to those views. We need someone who is committed in his heart to his values, someone who won’t turn around and be persuaded by people who don’t think like he does. That is why we have two parties. We are looking for the person who will live his or her values; America needs that kind of person right now. Governors Christie and Cuomo are proving that conviction works. Not one of the current candidate’s names being tossed about gives me that confidence!

What are the characteristics of a good candidate running for president of the United States? What are your thoughts about family values? Family values will dictate a lot of your decisions, so it would be good for us to know this. What about national security? Your view will dictate where you stand in protecting this country from the outside world. Is the protection of the United States the highest priority of your candidacy? I know it has been said before, but this is my view: The goal is not about making the rest of the world safe but about making America safe from the rest of the world.

What are your thoughts about God and country? That will certainly dictate where you stand on our Founding Fathers and what they believed about the Constitution. Is it an evolving document, or is the truth of the Constitution the truth on which we need to stand? Your views on that will dictate how you rule concerning internal affairs and not allowing the world to dictate what we do as a country.

Were you subject to government-school “History” about this nation’s founding? Read the truth in Gary DeMar’s book “America’s Christian History: The Untold Story”

What is your thought on personal faith? Are you ashamed of your religion or do you think it is a private issue? You will be the president of the United States, and in that office there will be little at all that will remain private about you. Why should your religion be private?

What are your thoughts concerning illegals? What is your definition of illegal? It is very important that we know your thoughts on that; it will dictate the rules on which you stand. What about the word illegal do you not understand? What are your thoughts about border security? That will dictate the laws and constitutional push you will have in protecting our citizens. What are you going to do about solving that problem?

What do you propose to do about the poor? Are you smarter than Jesus Christ? He told his disciples, “The poor will be with you always.” We will never be able to eliminate the problem of the poor. Jesus said that even with regard to the poor, it is best if you do what pleases Him first, even though it may seem that it is not the best thing for the poor.

I’m getting sick and tired of mediocrity and indecision in politics. I’m sad to see that the intestinal fortitude of America is going down the drain of political correctness even at the hands of conservatives. It would just be great to have a real man or woman who doesn’t care what anyone thinks but just lives his or her convictions – win or lose. Now that is a candidate I could get behind.