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Over the edge with Obama

The Islamic world is in turmoil, threatening dangerous changes for the West.

Israel is in dire peril and isn’t helped by Barack Obama, who’s greasing the skids under it, a country that’s been our ally since its birth.

Countries of the EU are floating more than suggestions that undermine the dollar and will ultimately weaken and possibly destroy the U.S. economy.

The 50 U.S. states are in such financial peril that many are literally on the brink of bankruptcy with, at this point, no way to avoid it.

Governors who are trying to stem the flood of red ink find themselves targets of hateful, threatening and downright dangerous demonstrations and disruptions. The growing divisiveness is exacerbated by statements from the president saying that the only goal of the governors is to break the unions.

You couldn’t find a better example of disconnect from reality if you tried.

The unrest, which started in Wisconsin, is fed by teachers’ unions and their members and with support from the White House bringing in demonstrators. It threatens to spread to other states as people romantically see such street tactics as evocations of democracy.

One street activist in Madison, trilled to a reporter, “It’s just like Egypt!” Another was joyful that it was “the ’60s all over again!” And they both laughed.

If ever you needed an illustration of the idiocy, naïveté and downright selfishness of too many Americans, these spreading disruptions are perfect. You have supposedly educated people who threaten to “tear it all down” because they can’t get what they want when they want it.

Of course, that there’s no money to fund their expectations doesn’t matter to them. Their rhetoric is illustrative of Marxist ideology in play, and it all should make one man particularly happy.

That man is Barack Obama, the man who is the president of the United States. It’s too bad that he’s out of his league in that job and totally removed from the havoc he’s instigated, although I don’t for a minute believe he isn’t fully aware of the damage he has, and is, causing.

When the Egyptian demonstrations began, it was clear the administration had no idea what was happening or why. Despite the fact that Egypt has been an ally of the United States, it didn’t take long for Obama to change his song for Hosni Mubarak from “We support you” to “It’s time to get out, and the sooner the better.”

This equivocation wasn’t lost on the militants, and it didn’t take long for the revolt to escalate to violence and for other countries to take the clue that it was OK for them to do the same.

After all, it was made very clear by the Obama administration that the United States was all talk and no action. It may all have started with Tunisia and one man’s immolation, but then the turmoil spread to Egypt and the toppling of Mubarak. Now the unrest continues its deadly, and growing, course.

As violence racks Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Syria and Saudi Arabia, it continues spreading across the Middle East, including unrest in Iran

Where else will it spread?

Check the news tomorrow and count the dead bodies.

Where does that leave Israel? In great danger.

Where does that leave us? Considering that China, North Korea and Russia look at this with interest, we’re in a similar danger zone, especially because the Islamist nations see this as an opening to expand their ultimate goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate.

This isn’t a deranged right-wing allegation, but it is the goal of militant Islamists to gain control of the world. It’s always been the goal and now, it’s more within their grasp than it has been in centuries.

And where is the leader of the free world as this turmoil swirls around our international political friends and even, with different goals, within our own country?

He was in San Francisco last week, meeting with, as the media dubbed them, the “royalty” of Silicon Valley. Obama broke bread with a dozen of the scions of the new media – including Steve Jobs of Apple, Larry Ellison of Oracle and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook as well as lesser-known names that are critical to politicians – venture capitalists.

These people had great ideas and developed technology that changed the world. But now, with more money than brains, they think that by schmoozing with Obama and buying into his “less is more” philosophy of America’s future, they’ll be power brokers and change the world again, by downsizing it.

It was an amazing meeting of egos.

There was Obama, who believes he can do anything and who aims to destroy the oil, gas and coal industry and mandate that we run our superpower economy and military on windmills and solar panels.

Obama talked up the innovations he wants and encouraged the execs to jump on the Obama bandwagon. He also had tangible lures – promises of government tax breaks for R&D and expanding high speed Internet across the country.

Since Obama can’t accomplish this unless he’s president and since 2012 is fast upon us, he probably wouldn’t turn down any campaign contributions that might come his way.

Hey, Obama wasn’t a community organizer for nothing.

It’s too bad he can’t get out of that mode. While the Middle East spins into chaos, our allies are deserted, our economy teeters on the rocks of bankruptcy, the dollar fragile and the threat of domestic violence over economic issues is too real, Barack Obama continues like the Wizard of Oz – existing behind the curtain of lies, pretending all is well with the world.

It’s all a sick joke – on us.