Liberal Democrats just hate it when a political figure fulfills promises made on the campaign trail – especially when those promises are specifically the will of the people.

Gov. Scott Walker, while he was candidate Walker, made it crystal clear that if the fine people of Wisconsin found him worthy to be their governor he would eliminate the collective bargaining power of the Government Employees’ Union. He would also ask union employees to contribute a very small amount to their pensions and health care as one of many steps to balance the state budget, which includes a $3.6 billion deficit. He actually ran campaign ads with that exact language.

Guess what? The people said yes!

However, Democrats and their powerful friends in the union decided their needs and wants for their 35,000 members were far more important than the needs of 5 million fellow citizens. It is more important to the unions to maintain the death grip they have on the state. Union members make double in wages and benefits as the equivalent workers in the private sector, yet they contribute a pittance in comparison to the private sector for health care and pensions.

Unions are the core of the Democratic Party. Therefore, what is playing out in Wisconsin is the very future survival of the Democratic Party. Democrats know if the unions lose so will the Democratic Party. This is a fight for the survival of an entire political party, and it serves them right for putting all their political eggs in the hands of “negotiators” who get and never give.

Mr. Obama just had to get his two cents in. As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate to fix his own budget problems, he has interject himself into the debate and sided with the unions. He couldn’t help himself. It is in his DNA. Every community organizer just loves the smell of tear gas in the morning and riot police confrontations. It makes terrific red meat for their radical left base. He knows without the unions he has zero chance of a second reign of terror in 2012.

With Mr. Obama comparing himself to several presidents like Abraham Lincoln, JFK and Ronald Reagan, he now has the opportunity to actually act like one. He could tell the protesters to stop protesting and go back to work or face immediate termination – just as President Reagan did with the PATCO workers. That would open up 35,000 jobs for the 500,000 people looking for work in Wisconsin.

Most people would love a job that pays twice what the private sector pays while protecting them from actually having to earn a superior salary. I know there are a lot of great union people, but let’s face facts: Union bosses survive off workers who do the minimum amount of work. They encourage slothfulness.

Union bosses tell their members how abused they are and if they are not there to protect them, the big, bad government will take advantage of them. All the while, they abuse their members with high dues that, in many cases, are spent on causes many members detest.

Gov. Walker and his Republican members of the state Senate are prepared to make the hard choices, regardless of the demagoguery from the left. He will balance his budget. He will stop the corrosive effect collective bargaining has had on his state budget.

I would encourage Gov. Walker to order the loser Democratic senators who have hidden themselves in neighboring Illinois back to work. If they don’t return immediately, he should fire them and hold elections to have them replaced. Wisconsin voters spoke in November, and now they expect results. Mr. Walker is going to deliver.

Months ago, we watched the protests in Greece. People went crazy over small cuts in their pensions or an increase in retirement age. We watched the face of the welfare state coming to the reality that certain promises can no longer be kept. There isn’t any money to do so.

Then we watched the protests in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya and Bahrain for political change. Those protests appear peaceful in comparison to the screaming anger of union thugs shipped in from neighboring states.

I can only imagine what the people in Greece, Libya, Tunisia and other riot plagued areas of the world think when they see the union members dressed in red, bused in from other states, using thuggish tactics to get their way. These protesters are showing up at elected officials’ homes, directing anger and hate to anyone who would want a balanced budget. They’re literally encouraging members to lie to get their way. Teachers lying by calling in sick? That’s a great example for the kids.

Democrats want to blame the repudiation of their party in November on high unemployment. Yet their focus is wrong. Americans want smaller government, less spending and deep spending cuts. They want union pay scales to represent the current market conditions, not some utopia the unions’ bosses obtained by threats and intimidation through collective bargaining.

What Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin is what is needed all across America. We must stop spending money we don’t have. Whether that means cutting back unions or defunding art projects, the time for austerity has come to America. If we don’t accept it now, we will have it forced upon us. Believe me, that will be far more painful.

But make no mistake about what is at stake in Wisconsin: the very existence of the Democratic Party. As such, expect the rhetoric to get even sharper. We will see more pictures of Scott Walker as Hitler. The unions will go to any extreme to get what they want. The battle has just begun, and it is going to get ugly.

This time, however, it is not going to work. This time they aren’t fighting the political party of one state. They’re fighting 300 million Americans who clearly said in November that enough is enough!

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