Liberalism is made up of many, many little bits and pieces of the causes in daily life. For the most part, these intriguing little items are soft, warm, fuzzy and feel good to the touch. Pick them up, hold them in your hand, turn them over, run your fingers across the soft, warm fur. Isn’t it cute?

Supporters can pick and choose from among so many causes; almost anyone can find something to believe in and support. And it feels so good! You matter; you’re making a difference. Right on, brother! Let’s save the world, sister!

Now we’ve seen the assembled face of liberalism, with all the pretty little bits and pieces pasted together into liberalism’s warm, fuzzy whole. Isn’t it cute?

What? You say the angry mobs in Madison, Wis., Indianapolis, Ind., and Columbus, Ohio, aren’t warm and fuzzy? Death threats, made anonymously over Twitter, aren’t cute? “Prayers” for the various governors’ deaths somehow make you feel uncomfortable?

Whatever happened to the soft, fuzzy bits we all saw when liberalism was on the assent? What happened to the nuanced spokesmen and women with the indulgent smiles for the television anchors? Why isn’t it pretty anymore? Why is it angry; and so very ugly?

One is struck with with the lawlessness the demonstrators show. Doctors handing out illness excuses to call-in-sick teachers so they can get paid for demonstrating. Most of us have always had to give up one or more workdays to make our voices heard. But if it was important, we did it.

Democratic legislators fleeing the state rather than voting against union cutbacks. But you were happy to vote an endless stream of raises and gold-plated benefits during the good times, weren’t you? Let someone else pay the bill; I did my part!

Angry shout-downs of reporters attempting to file their stories from the scene of the demonstrations. Don’t believe your lying eyes. Let us tell you what really happened. But wait: “Our” reporters aren’t here!

Complete dereliction – no, complete denial – of responsibility, in every case.

The mask is gone. The warm fuzzies have been pulled off the table. Democratic elections don’t matter. Taxes must be raised, no matter what the cost. Everyone else is required to “give back.” Just not us. Not now. Not ever.

The angry mobs aren’t there to give. They’re there to take. Nothing that’s been won over the years can ever be relinquished. Make somebody else pay; even if it’s the minimum wage workers with no benefits. Even if its the next generation. Or the generation after. Or the one after that! Borrow the money. Get it from China! Pile on the debt. Sweep it under the rug. What does it matter? I’ve got mine, and I’m not giving back!

Do it for the children suddenly sounds very different. Maybe if we were doing it for the children, bad teachers would be fired. Maybe good teachers would advance and be paid more. Maybe discipline would be restored to the classroom. Because right now, it sounds an awfully lot like, do it to the children. And that’s neither warm nor fuzzy.

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