Mr. President, I want to congratulate you on a tremendous campaign and victory in 2008. The difficulty I am having is what I call a major case of mixed emotions. Sir, you know what mixed emotions are: When your mother in law just went over the cliff in your new Cadillac!

As an African-American, pastor and born-again Christian, my mixed emotions are that, on one hand, I should be elated to have the first black president, but truthfully I am disappointed in a lack of representation of what I believe in. This is also proven by the lack of support, defense and arguments for you by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton. I think they, too, see what I see – the lack of support you have given even to the black community. If any white president had done as little for the African-American community in their presidency as you have in yours, there would be a major uproar from those two black leaders.

You and I have a great deal in common even though we do not think alike spiritually, scripturally or culturally. I am an illegitimate child and had little influence in my life from my father, as it seems is the case with you. I was raised in a single-parent home and spent time at my grandmothers’ houses with their influence in molding my thinking process. I, too, have an integrated family and am raising my half white/half black kids and seeing what they have to endure every day. I, too, came from a society that made it difficult to succeed. Those are the bulk of the similarities I see between the two of us.

Maybe the difference between us is who you decided to use as a father figure and who I decided to use. Jesus Christ became my father, and what He said goes. I think Jesus was a little better representation of a father than the men you chose. I have been molded by Jesus to see a lie is a lie, truth is truth, and that which He calls sin is sin to me. You have been trained by politicians. All your father figures have influenced you greatly in a liberal mosaic, and truth is simply what is beneficial to your cause.

My worldview has led me to think, sir, that there are many of us out here who were born at night – but not last night. The world is imploding in front of our eyes, and you would have to be dead not to notice that drastic measures have to be taken if we are going to save this republic. Have you noticed what is happening to the entire world? Have you at least heard about Tunisia, Bahrain, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Algeria, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin? I have prayed for you, and I know that this is not an easy time to be a part of the world – much less the president of the United States. I am not writing this letter so I can visit with you at the White House. I am writing this because I am very concerned about our country and the families that make up our country, and I am concerned about you personally.

My view on an issue will always have a Christian basis of what we should do and why it should be done. I would like to talk to you about the most important thing, and that is your relationship with Jesus Christ as this is where we get our foundation of how we make decisions, based on how it pleases God and not man, not woman, not politics. I pray that you will hear about this letter and it would be an avenue to open up talks and dialogue with other spiritual leaders in your life. You need godly leadership and help at this time when many of the world leaders are looking at your every move. I pray that you give them a good example. But at this time, I do not think the world sees a very strong, decisive leader of the free world.

There are a few things I would like to run by you that concern me a great deal, things happening in our states and in our world. For instance, the Department of Justice, under your tutelage, has made some major decisions, and from my point of view some major wrong decisions, the most recent being you and the attorney general announcing that you will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act. What I don’t understand is why the shepherds of our nation’s churches have not started an uprising about this. That is a movement I would be willing to lead. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I am like Him in as many ways as I can possibly be. What the Bible calls sin, I call sin. God hates sin but loves the sinner, unless the sinner refuses to separate himself from the sin – then he must be judged along with his sin.

But I digress. This is about you going against the law of the land. DOMA was passed by the people’s representatives and signed by a previous president. While you do have a right not to defend DOMA, you will force Congress or the courts to exercise their right of recourse, and ultimately DOMA will be upheld.

I can truly say I am not that surprised, because you have tested the water many times before and seem to have escaped consequences. For instance, when you asked the Justice Department and Mr. Holder not to prosecute blacks whose case came up before the Department – specifically the blacks who stood in front of the voting booths and intimidated people for voting during the time you were running for president.

Another example is that even though the judge in Florida said that the health-care law was unconstitutional, you still have your Justice Department continuing to push this, and you have just asked them to seek clarification from the Florida judge on what he means by unconstitutional. I thought you had the smartest lawyers in the world; they should understand unconstitutionality. Furthermore, you had your Justice Department sue the state of Arizona because they simply wanted the government to protect their borders. So again, I pray that you will become president of all the people.

As we see our country imploding on this union situation, I recall that on Nov. 3, 2007, you made a statement that you would put on your comfortable shoes and walk on the picket lines with unions. Some of your statements in support of the unions, such as those you made regarding the Wisconsin situation, continue to prove to me that you are the president of the people who think like you and who supported you rather than the president of all the people. You know what I mean, Mr. President.

A friend of mine says that the unions are simply the tool for laundering money for the Democratic Party and its candidates. When you talk about hope and change, shouldn’t there be some law against union members paying their dues with no representation about where their dues go and how they can be used? I have many friends who tell me over and over again about how their unions do not listen or care about their thoughts. They only care about collecting their dues. When Gov. Walker stood up to fulfill his promises, lawmakers ran to another state. Would that be OK if the shoe were on the other foot? I think there should be freedom for those who are represented by the union. They should be free to say where their money goes. Why does it seem that the unions never support conservative, Republican issues or candidates? So is it not fair, if you are going to be the president of all the people, that you would want to make sure there is freedom in the unions, make sure all states are right-to-work states?

These are just a few thoughts from a regular citizen of these United States. There is much more I would like to say, but I guess it will be left for another letter from me – one who loves the United States, who loves his God and is praying for his president.

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