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Glenn Beck: 'Deep hatred' growing in America

A 12-minute video of a crowd surrounding and loudly heckling a state senator with chants of “You suck!” and “Shame!” last evening in connection with ongoing union protests in Wisconsin is sparking colorful reaction nationwide, with one popular radio host warning about “deep hatred growing” in America.

“Let me tell you something,” said Glenn Beck on his syndicated program today. “There is hatred growing. Deep hatred growing. And it will seep into everyone’s blood if you don’t stop it now.”

Beck’s on-air co-host, Pat Gray, said with heavy sarcasm, “Remember the scenes of the Tea Party doing this stuff?”

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At issue was how Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman was chased and trapped outside the Wisconsin Capitol before getting help from Democratic state Rep. Brett Hulsey, who urged protestors to back off.

“The most important thing about this whole event is it has been peaceful and respectful,” Hulsey said to the crowd.

Some of the protesters changed their chanting to “Peaceful!” when it appeared the situation was about to get out of hand.

Grothman told WIBA Radio: “The longer I walked around the Capitol, the bigger the crowd got. People recognized me and they were chanting ‘Shame, shame’ and this and that. Finally the crowd got so big, when I tried to get back into the West Washington entrance, I kind of got pinned there; not necessarily because of violent people, although there were a couple of angry mean people but, with the density of the crowd, you really couldn’t get out.”

Beck warned about the vicious nature of incidents like the one in Madison, saying, “Now, you are not going to be able to control other people’s actions, but you must put a shield around yourself to make sure this hatred does not grow in you because times are going to become more tough and if you don’t build a wall now, it will be too late for you. And you will be part of the problem.”

He added, “You’ve got to find yourself and you’ve got to plant yourself in love and peace and you have to know what you believe and you have to be willing to stand for it, but you cannot get into the hatred. Because they are going to push and poke and prod like you cannot believe.”

During an appearance on MSNBC, Grothman was asked why Gov. Scott Walker was keeping the doors of the Capitol locked as protests continue.

“We’re trying to keep some people out of the building because right now the building is becoming a pigsty. The building smells,” Grothman explained.

“We used to have nice little groups of fourth-grade children walking through the building. There was something called the Senate Scholarship Program in which high-school kids could track us around. All that’s being shut down by a bunch of slobs taking up the building! We can no longer continue to have all these slobs in the building. College students who are having a fun party, that’s largely who’s in the building overnight, and if you get up early and talk to who’s in the building at 7 a.m., you will find it is largely college students and hangers-on having a party in the state Capitol.”

Reacting to Grothman’s remarks, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh chimed in by saying: “The Democrats and the media want you to think it’s just a bunch of average, hardworking out-of-working, valiant teachers, firefighters and so forth, and it’s a bunch of slobs. Maggot-infested, dope-smoking, damn it, hell, long-haired, the whole nine yards. You got long-haired, maggot-infested, dope-smoking, FM-rock-‘n’-roller types, exactly who they are. Bong pipes, you name it.

“Now, I’m gonna tell you something: What Governor Walker and other governors around the country are offering public-sector unions is beyond generous. It’s outlandish, it’s irresponsible. Wisconsin bureaucrats ought to be kissing this governor’s feet for what he’s offering them during these economic times.”

A 14-year-old homeschooled girl named Melanie from Thorndale, Pa., called in to Limbaugh’s show to comment on the Wisconsin mess, asking, “Aren’t these liberals and teachers littering all over the city of Madison? Aren’t they the ones who tell us that littering hurts the planet?”

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