WASHINGTON – While visiting a mosque in the Washington area last week, a senior White
House security official lavished praise on a Muslim cleric who happens to be
a top leader of the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America, FBI investigators
point out.

Imam Magid and Denis McDonough

“They are so ignorant,” said one FBI veteran regarding the White House. “This is unbelievable bullsh–.”

White House sources explain that deputy National Security Adviser Denis
McDonough was unaware of the cleric’s radical ties, and added that the
presidential assistant attended the outreach event as a show of support for
the Muslim community ahead of Thursday’s congressional hearings on Muslim
radicalization. Led by New York Republican Rep. Peter King, the planned
hearings have already generated charges of “bigotry” from Muslim activists.

During his speech at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling, Va.,
McDonough singled out the mosque’s imam, Mohammed Magid, for praise.

“Thank you, Imam Magid, for your very kind introduction. I know that
President Obama was very grateful that you led the prayer at last summer¹s
Iftar dinner at the White House,” he said. “Thank you, also, for being one
of our nation’s leading voices for the values that make America so strong,
especially religious freedom and tolerance.”

However, Sudanese-born Magid (aka Hagmagid Ali) is also president
of the Islamic Society of North America
– a terror-supporting
organization and known front group for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood’s
operations in America.

The Justice Department recently implicated the Islamic Society of North
America, or ISNA, in a criminal conspiracy to fund Palestinian terrorists.
U.S. prosecutors, in fact, designated
ISNA as an unindicted co-conspirator
in the largest terrorism-finance
case in U.S. history, the Holy Land Foundation trial. They also identified
ISNA as a U.S. front group for Hamas and its parent the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a post-trial opinion, the
federal judge ruled the government provided “ample evidence” to support
ISNA’s involvement in the foundation’s conspiracy to underwrite terrorism,
and he refused ISNA’s petition to remove its name from the list of co-conspirators.

Magid’s father, a Cairo-educated, Muslim Brotherhood scholar, has served as Grand Mufti of Sudan, an al-Qaida hotspot.

Speaking at the ADAMS Center, one of the largest Islamic centers in the Washington area, McDonough said, “This is a typically American place.”

In fact, FBI investigators say the mosque is a Muslim Brotherhood-controlled
property. It has been cited for distributing hate literature and oppressing
women. The leadership pens female members in a separate area of the
worship hall and has them cover their heads with scarves.

Last decade, ADAMS was singled out by the Freedom House as one of the top
distributors of Saudi-sponsored anti-Semitic and anti-Christian dogma.

The mosque’s board of directors includes key Muslim Brotherhood figures in
America. “I’m sure McDonough doesn’t know that the chairman of the board at
ADAMS is Ahmed Totonji, one of the original Brothers in the U.S.,” said the
FBI official in Washington.

According to the book, “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have
Penetrated Washington,”
federal investigators have uncovered hundreds of
thousands of dollars in checks endorsed to ADAMS by Brotherhood leaders and
entities whose offices were raided after 9/11.

The book quotes a longtime ADAMS Center member who said that all Muslims are
united in a kind of blood pact under the “ummah,” the worldwide Muslim brotherhood.

“If you hurt one Muslim anywhere in the world,” the man said, “it’s like
hurting all Muslims.” And the Brothers will respond in kind, even if that
means self-immolation on the streets of America.

“Muslims are not afraid to die, you know,” he added, according to “Infiltration.” “We are not afraid to die.”

Asked his opinion of Osama bin Laden, he replied: “We do respect him.”

Why? Because he stands against “injustice and oppression,” explained the
man, who works for a Beltway contractor. And even though he’s rich, bin
Laden shuns palaces and walks the true walk of Islam, he added – unlike the
Saudi monarchs, whom he referred to as “hypocrites.”

In closing his speech, McDonough encouraged the mosque and its leaders to
continue “their efforts to strengthen cooperation between Muslim communities
and law enforcement.”

White House sources point out that Magid and ADAMS have also been recognized
by the FBI and Homeland Security as outreach partners.

FBI sources say the partnership was originally established by the head of
the FBI’s Washington field office, Joseph Persichini, whom they say was
trying to impress judges in a “community policing” awards contest.

In his application for the 2009 IACP Community Policing Awards competition
– a copy of which was obtained by WND – Persichini cites imam Majid as a
“key community partner,” who “represented the voice of moderate Muslims.”

Later that year, Persichini took early retirement from the FBI after the
Justice Department’s inspector general caught him cheating on an important
bureau test.

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