In the physical world, splintering is often the final warning of impending and catastrophic failure. The design forces have been exceeded, the part was not maintained properly, or it fails for some unknown reason.

This splintering, or breakdown of something into many tiny fragments, usually occurs too quickly to prevent catastrophic failure of the entire system.

I wonder if that’s the case with America.

Perhaps we are now nearing the end of hearing “strength through diversity” and other allied nonsense? Crankshafts and jet engines do not achieve “strength through diversity.” They achieve strength through proper metallurgy.

The idea of, “Oh, let’s see … we’ll put the cast iron turbine blades over here, the stainless steel blades in this little area, the aluminum blades here … Oh, and let’s not leave out the composite,” doesn’t cut it. Let’s just say you don’t want to be sitting near that engine when the pilot spins that baby up.

Rather, the modern jet engine achieves its remarkable strength and durability through proper blending of the necessary metals before the blades are formed and engine is ever assembled. The melting pot.

Before multiculturalism, America was known as the melting pot. That’s because you were expected to add the best of your culture, and forget the rest. Moving here was the first step. Becoming an American was the next. America was a cohesive whole because of the melting pot.

Multiculturalism ushered in a new concept, which had long been building in the hearts and minds of the children of privilege. America sucked. Only by repudiating it’s past, and punishing its success, would redemption be possible.

To repudiate its past, America would be required to embrace the failed traditions of a whole host of competing cultures, whose refugees had fled to America.

Multiculturalism – the celebration of anything not white and male – was quickly seized upon by the nation’s disaffected: college professors, children of the wealthy and anyone promoting an agenda that would benefit their group or family over their neighbors. The “gimme” culture had taken root.

The “gimme” culture quickly spread. Power-hungry politicians saw an endless supply of eager voters, in return for institutionalizing the “gimme” culture into the “entitlement” culture. “You’re entitled, brother! Elect me, and I’ll work to make sure you get it!”

Oddly enough, the people who were most “entitled” to things, did the least to produce them. This necessitated raising taxes on the producers. (There is, after all, no money in taxing the unproductive.)

But the “gimme” wasn’t confined to money.

Affirmative action established lower standards for the politically favored as a way of moving them to the front of the queue – ahead of those who had met standards.

Homosexuals decided that they had a “right” to “marry” each other.

Residents of other nations decided they had a “right” to move to America – without all the bother of meeting our immigration requirements.

When the favored groups encountered resistance to their demands, they claimed “racism” or one of its many derivatives, such as homophobia and other newly created social illnesses.

Anything that unified America was viciously attacked – at first by the “gimme” groups, but soon by the mainline media, which had become infiltrated by the attackers, as a method of advancing their anti-American agenda.

Chief among the unifying forces that came under attack was Christianity. While not all Americans were overtly religious, the vast majority found Christian principles a sound way to live their lives. And the concept of “under God” put the nation’s leaders on notice as well: They were responsible to a higher authority for the way they carried out the duties and responsibilities of elected office. Ditto for corporate chieftains.

While America was a growing economic “pie,” it was easy to give a little here and there to satisfy the demands of the growing number of splinter groups. With a shrinking pie, the appallingly ignorant “strength through diversity” mantra is revealed as the destructive nonsense that it always was.

Will the splintering warning be heeded? Or will America catastrophically fail? And if it does, will the world survive that catastrophic failure?

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