Charlie Sheen defines the human condition. What is the human condition? The human condition is the desire to do every thing your own way. In the mild form, it’s obnoxious egotism. In the extreme form, it’s a psychopathic solipsism that Sheen in his debased state is trying to exemplify. That is, he’s doing everything he can to say that he knows what’s right and everyone else is wrong. That includes using copious amounts of drugs, which he brags about, sexual promiscuity, lying, cheating, stealing and so forth.

The Globe misquoted me as saying Charlie Sheen’s done everything the Bible condemns. Not so. He’s got a long way to go before he gets to that point.

Even so, when you watch his YouTube rant where he shows his tattoo with the word “Winning” on his wrist and says everyone else is losing, it is easy to dismiss him as delusional. Especially when he declares that he’s a “warlock” with “tiger’s blood.”

However, the same is true for everybody else who doesn’t see how far they’ve sunk into the human condition of sin, including presidents, dictators, wacky Muslim leaders, etc.

Some people who go down this path, like Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous, run into a wall and are forced to cry out for help. Anthony Hopkins has a tremendous testimony about just that on the Charlie Rose show. Sheen has not hit the wall, and may not.

If we really care about Charlie Sheen, however, we will no longer enable his bad behavior by indulging him with our time, money and articles like this. We will let him dig his own hole and pray for the real Creator of the universe, the real God, who loved the world so much that he sacrificed Himself to save us, to reach Charlie in his darkest place and deliver him from himself.

This scenario is not far-fetched. It happened to me. It’s happened to Anthony Hopkins. It happened to C.S. Lewis. And, it happened to Joe Eszterhas, the screenwriter of “Basic Instinct” and author of “Crossbearer.”

Let’s pray Charlie Sheen meets the loving Creator who will set him free.

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