Michael Savage

Opening his popular syndicated radio show today, Michael Savage warned of “a great mass hysteria being disseminated by the media” regarding the threat to the U.S. from Japan’s troubled nuclear reactors.

“Most people in the media don’t have degrees in science,” he pointed out. “Moreover, most people in science don’t know anything about nuclear science or nuclear engineering.”

Savage said many of the people posing as nuclear power experts work for radical left-wing groups and are “using this massive tragedy to proliferate their lies.”

“It is possible that radiation could reach the United States,” he said. “However, it’s very unlikely it would reach the United States in any amount to cause any problem.”

Savage pointed out Fox News host Chris Wallace featured Joseph Cirincione yesterday, an opponent of nuclear weapons and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who directs the Non-Proliferation Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

“He has absolutely no credentials in science whatsoever,” Savage said of Cirincione. “He holds a master of science degree from Georgetown school of foreign service in foreign service, not in science or engineering.”

He’s a “backroom guy for various and sundry left-wingers.”

“So be very careful of what you hear and what you take to heart on Fox News, as well as anywhere else.”

Listen to Michael Savage:

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