The horror and human suffering in earthquake-shattered Japan is difficult to comprehend to those of us not in its midst. The earth’s plates shifted under the ocean, the disturbance formed a long wave in the sea, and the energy was released as far away as the West Coast of the United States.

Large portions of Japan are flattened. The death toll is nearing 10,000, and will go much higher. Over a million are without shelter and heat, as winter weather moves back in. Four aging nuclear reactors have been destroyed, after their backup systems failed to provide cooling. Their fate is unknown, as is the radiation exposure being sustained by Japan’s population. The loss of power has crippled transportation services. Delivery drivers will not make trips to resupply stranded residents near the crippled reactors.

It is hard to see God in such an event – and yet I fear that we must. Those who view God as a soft, cuddly if disgruntled old man, rushing here and there to help where he can, rightly point out that prayers to him are useless, because he doesn’t exist.

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The God that does exist is the creator, owner and operator of the universe. He is the one who created men and women, gave them authority over the earth and then cursed them for their disobedience when they sought to “become like God,” in the words of the serpent as directed to Eve.

He is the same God who let his Son endure the separation and death of the cross as the punishment we rightly deserved for our disobedience. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, Christ paid the price none of us could ever afford. To those willing to accept that gift, Christ’s words on the cross, “It is finished,” referring to the end of the separation and war between man and God, a bright and eternal future lies ahead.

The rest of the world – not so much. Several years ago I wrote that we would see God’s more direct involvement in world events (“The age of the elves is over”). The mass delusion that accompanied Obama’s coronation in the White House – and persists today among the so-called educated elites – is one God-sized delusion.

Several days after the earthquake, China offered it’s assistance to Japan. The two nations are old, bitter enemies. Their renewed cooperation would be as big of a political shift as the earthquake was to the land and sea. China’s cash will speak louder than America’s tired old IOUs.

The Pacific Ring of Fire that includes New Zealand, Indonesia and Japan also includes the West Coast of the United States. Do you really believe that we are better prepared for a major earthquake than Japan?

I didn’t think so.

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