What do you suppose would be the fate of a homeowner, who upon hearing an altercation at a neighbor’s house, got his gun, crossed the street and shot and killed whomever the neighbor was fighting with?

Since this is a violent section of town, let’s also consider that further down the block lives a state legislator who – having received union thug death threats over his vote – awakes to the sound of his front door being broken open at three in the morning. Upon being confronted in his living room, he opens fire with his shotgun and kills the thugs.

And now to the third case. A nation with no citizens under attack, no military bases to defend – indeed, no state presence in the other country to speak of – orders it’s military to launch cruise missile strikes to kill that nation’s leaders and soldiers who are involved in battling a domestic uprising.

Furthermore, the country that ordered the military action did not follow its own laws and customs in ordering the violence. There was plenty of time to do so. But the leader chose not to. And to complicate matters even more, there is widespread doubt among the citizens of the nation performing the military strikes that their commander in chief has the squeaky-clean credentials needed to occupy his office.

While you ponder the wisdom of action in each of these three scenarios, you may want to read this Forbes article about American oil companies possibly being booted out of Libya under Gadhafi. Then note that article’s publication date.

As I wrote here more recently, America has many times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia, let alone Libya, in its own heartland. We could reignite employment in this country, revive our economy and tax the resultant oil production enough to pay off the debt incurred by D.C.’s drunken, corrupt, inbred morons – and still sell the oil at market prices.

But for this to happen, somebody would have to tell the one-world environmental chicken-little thugs and the congressmen and women they’ve bought and paid for to go visit the antique car museum and pee on one of Henry Ford’s Model T shocking coils while we crank the engine.

Apparently, in the leftist worldview, it’s OK to pump oil in foreign dictatorships, pay for the privilege in the form of bribes, transport the oil across the ocean in tankers and kill anyone who gets in your way.

But don’t you dare disturb a few grazing caribou in Alaska, or process the oil shale sitting in the ground in several American states. Oh, no – don’t you dare!


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