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Who wants to collapse capitalism?

In a rare display of cross-pollination, Rush Limbaugh picked up on a shocking story broken earlier in the week by Glenn Beck. Beck uncovered audio of a former union official’s proposal to collapse the banking system and take the entire capitalist system down with it. Rush called the recording “a fascinating look into the mindset of the kook, extremist left in this country.”

Limbaugh gave President Obama grief over his handling of the Libyan crisis, pointing out that for all intents and purposes, women like Hillary Clinton are the ones really in charge at the White House.

Michael Savage

Savage’s producer has uncovered a secret list of CEOs who traveled with Obama on his trip to Brazil. The bigwigs include the heads of GE, Westinghouse and International Paper.

Savage explained to listeners why Glenn Beck’s FOX TV ratings have dropped by 30 percent, saying viewers “simply got fed up with his blackboards, and basically he’s an empty suit,” adding, “I don’t like him or dislike him one way or the other.” (FREE audio):

At AmericanThinker.com, Stuart Schwartz of Liberty University compared Savage to angry Old Testament prophets, in an admiring essay entitled, “In Praise of Michael Savage, Bible Thumper.”

Sean Hannity

“Nobody wants to lead this war,” declared Sean Hannity, pointing out that the White House can’t seem to get its story straight regarding the American response to the Libyan crisis. (FREE audio):

Hannity mused that Obama suffers from “a Hamlet complex,” an allusion to Shakespeare’s tragic hero, who put off taking decisive action – with fatal results.
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Mark Levin

Mark Levin compared Obama’s announcement of military actions in Libya with Ronald Reagan’s televised address after the 1986 air strike against that country. Needless to say, the comparison wasn’t flattering to the current president
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However, Levin defended Obama against charges made by Ron Paul and others that the attack on Libya was unconstitutional (FREE audio):

“Stop apologizing for my country!” Levin shouted, in response to Obama’s constant bowing and scraping on his international tours, this time in Chile
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Laura Ingraham

Having just returned from a week’s vacation, Laura Ingraham focused on U.S. intervention in Libya. Newt Gingrich told Laura and her listeners that Obama’s response was “confused” and “incompetent.” Military analyst Colonel Jack Jacobs characterized the intervention as “unserious,” “ad hoc” and lacking “strategic vision.”
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Laura then asked Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, whose state was hit hardest by the BP oil spill, to comment on Obama’s equally confused stance on off shore oil drilling.
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Glenn Beck

Is Glenn Beck planning to leave FOX News? Rumors were flying this week after reports that Beck was “poaching” FOX Vice President Joel Cheatwood to work for Beck’s growing Mercury Radio Arts production company.

“Were Mr. Beck to set off on his own,” wrote the New York Times, “it would be a landmark moment for the media industry, reflecting a shift in the balance of power between media institutions and the personal brands of people they employ.”

Beck warned radio listeners this week that “we are experiencing now the perfect storm (…) that I outlined to you years ago and now you can see how when I was talking about it and
everybody was saying ‘Shut up! Who cares? It’s not going to happen.'”

As to Beck’s controversial audio of a major union leader’s plan to commit “economic terrorism,” the host complained that the Department of Justice is too busy going after counterfeiters to investigate his audiotape. (FREE webcam):

And now, from the left side of the dial…

Since they don’t have compelling arguments to back up their philosophies, most progressive radio talk show hosts tend to spend much of their air time making fun of their more successful conservative competitors.

This week, Randi Rhodes was reduced to spewing more of what “Radio Equalizer” Brian Maloney calls the “childish playground taunts that pass for left-wing reasoning.” Here’s a sample (FREE audio):

“I just want to have some sort of a macho contest cause I – I think Rush Limbaugh could get his ass kicked by the Pillsbury Doughboy or Glenn Beck, who I believe are the same people except one has crescent rolls and the other one has freaked out! Just lost his mind! You know Glenn Beck wants the Department of Justice to investigate, you know, the janitors union [SEIU]? The janitors? He thinks the world is going to be taken over by janitors!”

And liberals still can’t figure out why they don’t succeed in talk radio.