I got it! Last week, I finally realized how best to sum up the man who is president of the United States. In fact, the same can be applied to his wife, the first lady.

Barack and Michelle Obama simply have no shame.

They’re imbued with ego, pride, chutzpah, arrogance and vain conceit that seemingly have no bounds. No matter what gaffe they commit, whatever they do that’s wrong, ridiculous, crass, uncouth, rude, improper or even – dare I say, unconstitutional – they carry on as though nothing untoward had happened.

If anyone criticizes, well, no fault lies with either Obama, and there’s never a need to correct, admit fault or – heaven forefend – apologize.

They also find it impossible to laugh at themselves. They have no sense of humor!

The ah-ha moment for me was last week when Obama returned to Washington from his South American trip and walked to the White House door – only, to find it locked! Then, the second door was locked. He kept on walking till he found an open portal.

He knew there were reporters there with cameras pointed at him. But he had no reaction; no comment; no sense or humor about it or any sense of humanity.

He just kept on, keeping on – as though it were beneath him to laugh at the ridiculous situation: Imagine, the leader of the free world locked out of the White House!

Honestly, can you imagine George Bush finding locked doors and not turning to the reporters and making a joke about it? Even Ronald Reagan would have laughed. It really was pretty funny!

But Obama stayed focused on what he thinks the president is – the guy with all the power and no need to lower himself to be human.

Remember, after the election when meeting with some Republicans who questioned some actions, Obama put an end to what appeared to be a challenge, with the conversation-ending statement, “We won.”

That took care of that. And it has been thus, ever since.

Whatever Obama wants, he gets.

I’d long searched for ways to best describe the ineptness of the man who was elected president of the United States. Elected, as it turned out without question, into a position way over his head, skills or abilities.

I grant you that his opposition felt this way even before he was elected. But after that fateful day, it was just a matter of time for reality to set in even for his supporters.

While realization of this was slow in spreading across the electorate, Obama’s ratings have dropped as he has led the country into what appears to be a catastrophic slide from world power to up-and-coming banana republic.

All that was needed was for Obama to have the time to set into place policies that didn’t work, select unqualified people to run powerful departments and unaccountable agencies that affect people across the country with strangling regulations, mismanage the economy and push us into a depression that, despite billions in stimulus money, really is only getting worse, and create a government of unmanageable size at a cost impossible to maintain.

Oh, and while that’s going on, we’re in two wars and now, as of last week, a third. He manages to ignore the first two and puts off speaking to Congress or the American people about the third until he and Michelle and the kids and the grandma and the nanny take another trip, this time, to South America.

The American people now have a perfect illustration of just how this man is in way over his head. Unfortunately, for the first time in decades, the American people face a future of lower expectations and possibilities for themselves and their children – and all the while, Obama marches to his own drummer, ignoring reality and the growing world chaos and danger.

I can understand how he can ignore the criticisms of Republicans, the tea party and conservatives in general, but how does he ignore the left?

The long knives of the liberal media have come out against Barack Obama and his handling of the job of president of the United States. What began as a trickle of criticisms has erupted into a landslide, which seems to boil down to the conclusion that he’s in over his head, incompetent, ineffective and possibly even dangerous. And these are comments from his own side!

But Obama doesn’t care. He’s made up his mind that his way is the right way, and a major part of that is to appease the Muslim world. In the doing of that, he’s managed to insult, ignore and betray nations that have been our longtime allies.

So much for the U.S. president standing up with strength against the people who have declared they want to destroy the country. Of course, since Obama won’t even use the “T” word, or clearly identify the “enemy,”‘ it is clearly a war we cannot win. And the other side knows it; they’ll bide their time to come in for the kill.

For someone who never in his life ran a department, business or handled delicate international negotiations, his continuing “on the job training” puts the free world on the precipice of disaster. There are a lot of people, and not all of them Americans, who believe Obama will be the one to push us over the edge.

It’s just a matter of how and when.

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