If you’re a fan of buying American, you’ve probably heard about or seen the ABC World News “Made in America” series. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer has done a great job to move consumer awareness a step further (possibly several steps) with their stories on TV as well as “Made in America” links on their website.

ABC even invites you to “Share your video with World News” by uploading your own video to YouTube so they can “use it on the broadcast this week.” One informative, eye-opening video that has been uploaded to YouTube but for some reason hasn’t been featured by ABC World News is my “Buy American Home Inspection” video, which can be viewed online.

In the video, you’ll see just how easy it can be to buy American-made clothing (everything I wear every day is made in the USA), to buy American for the family room (including furniture and stereo equipment), the living room (including furniture and American-made art), the office (including computers and window blinds), the kitchen (including refrigerators and accessories), and the garage (including tools like hammers, ladders, and levels) and for recreation as well. Eventually, I’ll make a follow up video for some of the items I missed (the video was 10 minutes long already).

ABC wouldn’t be the first to go through my home to see if I was putting my money where my mouth is on Buying American. Back in 2004, Lou Dobbs sent a reporter (Kitty Pilgrim) and camera crew down to my home in Florida to see if I was really buying American, and the story was featured on the CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight program.

One section of the ABC World News “Made in America” webpage titled “Made in America’ Resource Guide: Where to Find American Companies,” lists over a dozen patriotic websites, with one glaring exception: HowtoBuyAmerican.com.

No, ABC News isn’t doing me a disservice by not including HowtoBuyAmerican.com on their website. I’ve received a huge spike in emails with comments like “I saw the ABC news series on TV, went browsing on the Internet and found YOU.” Rather, they’re doing a disservice to similar concerned Americans who are seeking to become more patriotic with their purchases by not publicizing it.

Most of the listed websites on ABC World News’ page have either been featured in my “Buy American Mention of the Week” articles – such as my article about www.petriot.com to help them get their business off the ground last year (you can read that article online) or are linked on my home page or links page. And, most of these other patriotic websites in turn list my website as a reference, too.

Actually, if you take ABC World News’ page title “Made in America Resource Guide: Where to Find American Companies” literally, HowtoBuyAmerican.com would be the ONLY one listed, as mine is the only one that shows where to find American companies (all other websites either sell or list American-made products from foreign-owned companies). The true definition of buying American is to just buy any American-made product, but rather American-made products from American-owned companies.

For example, if you buy a Hyundai that happens to be made in America (only two of their models are made here compared to dozens of models made in America by each of the Big Three), are you buying American? No, you’re buying an American-made car from a Korean-owned car company. You’re truly buying American when you buy, say, a Ford Taurus, which is made in America with a whopping 90 percent domestic parts content. The Lincoln MKZ and Buick Lucerne also have high domestic parts content percentages, with 85 and 81 percent respectively (according to a Cars.com study).

On a smaller scale, are you buying American when you buy Dial soap? No, you’re buying an American-made product from a German company (German-owned Henkel bought Dial from Proctor & Gamble’s Gillette subsidiary in 2006). The same goes for Japanese-owned Jergens, Swiss-owned Chef America (maker of Hot Pockets), and French-owned Dannon. Some of these products may be made in the USA, but they are owned by foreign-based companies, so we end up rewarding foreign owners, foreign investors, and foreign stockholder and stakeholders in distant lands when we buy them.

How about an American-made Frisbee or hula hoop? The company that makes them is owned by the Chinese, so guess where the profits go, where the taxes are paid and your dollar ultimately ends up? China! The same goes with American-made Haier refrigerators. Haier is owned by a Chinese company, and not coincidentally, you can buy their products in Wal-Mart – the biggest seller of Chinese products on the planet.

Anyway, if you agree that ABC World News should consider adding the “How Americans Can Buy American” website to their archive and let patriotic consumers know “where to find American companies” as we are led to believe by their title, then maybe you could consider sending them a quick note about HowtoBuyAmerican.com.

Here are links where viewers are encouraged you to post feedback and share thoughts on Made in America. Just look for the “Share your thoughts on Made in America” heading on the right hand side of the webpage. All you would have to say is something like “Why don’t you include HowtoBuyAmerican.com in your ‘Made in America Resource Guide?'” or “Why don’t you include Roger Simmermaker’s ‘Buy American Home Inspection’ YouTube video?”

I’ve written three books on buying American over the last 15 years (“How Americans Can Buy American” is now in its third edition). I’ve been on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and several local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox stations. I’ve been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, US News & World Report, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the New York Times, and Chicago Tribune. Is this resume not sufficient for ABC World News to allow all concerned consumers to see what I can contribute and have contributed to this issue over many years?

Awareness is the key. If we aren’t aware of as many options as possible to truly “Buy American” then we’re selling our country short and doing ourselves a disservice.

I hope you’ll post your own feedback to ABC World News today. The worst that can happen is that you might help save more American jobs, keep more profits and tax revenue in your own country, reduce America’s burgeoning trade deficit, or help bolster American manufacturing. I’ll take any of those results.

We’ve heard in the media for months now that the national economic priority is all about jobs. But before we can satisfy the priority of saving and creating American jobs, we have to have the ammunition, the awareness, and the tools with which to do it.

How about you? Share your thoughts on Made in America by letting ABC News know about howtobuyamerican.com and the “Buy American Home Inspection” video by contacting ABC World News, and help spread the word on how we can all buy American with the right information.

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