Regardless of what your political alignment happens to be, if you want an idea of where America is headed, look to the state of black America – specifically, those black Americans on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. Think about it: In the archetypal low-income black community (detailed in my 2010 book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal ~ America’s Racial Obsession”), all of the impending social ills and government intrusion conservatives decry have already been manifested, and to an obscene degree. The family unit has been effectively destroyed; unequivocally, the direct cause of this has been the federal government. The black church has been subverted via Black Liberation Theology and Social Justice Christianity (the latter of which is now being preached in many white churches). The educational system has successfully fostered an epidemic of dropoutism and a subculture of lawlessness, ignorance and, most importantly, dependence upon the government.

We know that politicians in general, and Democrats in particular, have long had a penchant for precipitating unpleasant circumstances to facilitate the public allowing them to implement their policies. These policies always have been, without exception, more harmful than the circumstances they were calculated to abate – and so the cycle continues. The overt nature of how this is being executed these days is lost on Americans, however, many of whom have been convinced that wealthy, bigoted, avaricious theocrats – as opposed to socialist elites – are poised to usurp their liberties.

Earlier this month, a young black guidance counselor from Miami confronted Bill Ayers (the former domestic terrorist-turned-activist university professor and confidant of President Obama) at an education conference at which Ayers was speaking. She was interested in his take on why black children in her charge couldn’t compete when they attended public schools, yet excelled in charter schools, whose per-student expenditures were markedly lower. Given that Ayers, an avowed anti-capitalist, is against privatization of schools, she asked what his solution was to the problem of poor performance of ethnic minorities in public schools.

“What we need to do is, we need to invest more in public schools,” Ayers replied – to loud murmuring and boos, I might add.

Is that the best he could do? Leaving aside the fact that the ineffectuality of monetary infusion into schools by itself has been established, this is the same cry these parasitic leftist activists and politicians have been plaintively tendering for 50 years.

As I’ve said before (and will say again): We must remember that this isn’t about Barack Hussein Obama. A minority of shiftless, callow malcontents have capitalized on the indolence and good nature of the American people in order to manifest their decades-long quest for power. The upshot of the processes they implemented is an administration that has appropriated authority reserved for the legislature and judiciary. This was ostensibly done to address severe economic distress, which was actually brought on by some who became principals in this administration. Activists and thugs in collusion with said administration maneuver to foment civil unrest and further economic upheaval as they clandestinely re-write our Constitution. This president’s fast and furious spending has some convinced it is actually his intention to utterly decimate the U.S. economically.

Now, we have been catapulted into a war that isn’t really a war by an “anti-war” political party, which was justified after the fact by the feeblest claptrap we’ve ever heard. Like many of us, I wondered what manner of steaming excrement Obama was going to attempt to get us to buy into regarding his Libyan blitzkrieg; the incongruence of the president’s account on March 28 was described by Dr. Thomas Sowell as “incoherent.”

All of this is being handily misrepresented by a press, which, with few exceptions, is enthusiastically complicit in the charade. As with the black community, Americans at large are being more frequently expected to accept increasingly dangerous, dubious policies and actions as being well-intended business as usual.

It is not.

The stage is being set for a grim tragedy, though too few Americans yet see it. Certain things have been orchestrated to transpire concurrently, many relating to the progression of phenomena I’ve described above. A massive paroxysm of domestic turmoil, intense fear of foreign enemies and economic bedlam has been a design of Marxist-socialists in America for many decades; this will ultimately give rise to an iron-fisted slave state.

So, I am going to go right on reminding Americans of what these policies and attendant protocols represent: evil. I intend to continue citing the myriad dirty deeds and stratagems to which the propaganda bureaus (the establishment press) will not refer, and which those who do have a clue are loath to articulate, due to concerns over their credibility.

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