Talk radio brings out the best and the worst in the audience, which from the host’s point of view is what makes it such fun and challenging.

The biggest challenge comes when a callers utter such stupidity and stubbornness that it’s hard not to tell them what I’m really thinking. I come close, but I don’t intend to shock the sensibilities of those who can’t imagine that I might even know those words. Nor do I intend to lose my job because of some jerk in the audience.

Old dependable “A.J.” called in last week, one of the “resident” libs who listen, get irritated and call in with the goal of changing my opinion. He’s particularly irritated by any criticism of Barack Obama. In fact, he always prefaces his question by reminding me that I never have anything good to say about the man who is president of this country.

In this instance, his main beef was because I said – and continue to say – that not only was our going into Libya a monumental mistake, but the fact that we’re still there and have handled the “spin” concerning it so miserably weakens our country.

Finally he got to his point – I should congratulate Obama because even though he had our planes flying and missiles launched, there were no boots on the ground and no one had gotten killed.

According to “A.J.,” that showed that Obama was a terrific president and commander in chief. He was doing wonderful things routing a dictator, no boots on the ground and no one got killed.

I added “yet” – but he wouldn’t even consider that. You can tell I don’t have high hopes for our “success.”

Never mind such details as constitutionality, congressional involvement, the War Powers Act, how Libya threatens the United States, who our allies are, what they would contribute, that if we weren’t involved the input of the allies would not amount to what might be needed to “win” – whatever that means.

Never mind that Obama simply hasn’t been able to say specifically what our ultimate goal in this latest Middle Eastern adventure might be. It changes almost daily and even after a couple of weeks, we still don’t know whether Moammar Gadhafi is destined for U.S.-determined
life in Libya, liberty in exile or intentional death at the other end of a U.S. missile or other effective weapon.

Never mind that when it all started, the man who is president chose to skip not only town but the country, and head to the southern hemisphere to schmooze Brazilians and grease their palms with U.S. money to enable them to drill off their shore for oil.

That’s good for Brazil’s economy, according to Obama, because then they can sell it to us – the United States – the country he refuses to allow to drill for its own oil reserves.

Remember, Obama is president of the United States. It makes you wonder who he really represents.

While my stubborn caller, “A.J.,” simply would not give up bragging about “no loss of life” and Obama’s brilliance, it was being revealed that in fact there were boots on the ground. In this case those boots belong to the CIA, which was on scene not only to help air cover pinpoint targets but also to infiltrate the so-called “rebels” to find out just who they are.

In seems “A.J.’s” hero secretly approved such infiltration, keeping it to himself and a few political confidants.

Through it all, the military expressed not only caution about this military undertaking but some outright disagreement that it was the right decision.

Amazing, isn’t it? We’re in the midst of what could turn out to be a major military operation in a part of the world where we’re hated, in a country where we’re hated, and among a lot of people who hate us – and, after the military is actively engaged in attacks, we are only just beginning to try to find out just who the “good” guys are.

If, in fact, there are any – and we still don’t know for certain.

How do we know who the “rebels” are? How do we know we’re not being made fools by this naïve assistance on the field of battle? To make it worse – if we haven’t already done it – it appears we’ll provide them with weapons and that means, we’ll have to teach them how to use them. Generalissimo Hillary is leaning toward providing weapons of pretty good destruction.

Déjà vu: Didn’t we do that with the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan when they were fighting the Russians? Now that the Mujahedeen are our enemies, the U.S. has been taking flak for that ever since.

Don’t Obama and Hillary know that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a sign of insanity?

No one says where the “rebels” got the weapons they’ve been using. For people supposedly living under the terrorist thumb of Gadhafi, it does test the imagination to figure out where they kept all those armaments until the lucky day they decided to revolt – and revolting they are, as the battle swings one way and the other.

Apparently, it appears the rebel “good guys” are losing. But who knows, those rascals may have some real weapons of mass destruction stashed and will use them as soon as they get the control of Libya they want.

If you really believe they’re innocent put-upon Libyans in this bizarre scenario – you really have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid.

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