Rashad Hussain

A month before swarms of violent Afghans beheaded United Nations workers in the name of Islam, President Obama’s top envoy to the Muslim world promoted Islam in a visit to Afghanistan, arguing it was one of the “strongest tools” against such violence.

In February, Rashad Hussain, U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, gave a talk in the Afghan capital of Kabul in which he called on locals to recommit themselves to their religion:

“I am of the opinion that one of the strongest tools that you can use to counter radicalization and violent extremism is Islam itself, because Islam rejects violent extremism,” Hussain told the gathering of Afghans, according to a transcript obtained by WND from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

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He also said the Muslim faith is central to the administration’s strategy to turn Muslims from jihadi violence:

“We see that as one of the key elements of a strategy to address this type of violence,” added Hussain, a former White House aide appointed last year to represent the U.S. to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a 57-nation Muslim bloc, which includes Afghanistan and other terror hotspots.

Islamic fundamentalism, however, appears to have led to the horrific violence against U.N. workers and other Westerners in Afghanistan. The killing spree followed Friday prayers at mosques in several Afghan cities, including Kabul.

At least eight foreign U.N. workers were killed, two of them beheaded, after riots broke out against the burning of a Quran by a U.S. preacher in Florida. So far, 20 have been killed in the rioting, including Norwegian, Romanian and Swedish nationals.

Islamic law calls for violence in response to insults to Islam or its prophet, as well as any defiling or mishandling of its sacred book. Islamic law is enshrined in the new Afghan Constitution, even after the U.S.-led ouster of the Taliban.

The administration’s deradicalization strategy is at odds with one proposed by the chairmen of the 9/11 Commission, including former Democrat lawmaker Lee Hamilton. The pair commissioned a follow-up report recently on the growing threat from homegrown terror and radicalization in America that identified Islam as the catalyst.

The 2010 report, “Assessing the Terrorist Threat: A Report of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group,” concluded that Washington has been “lulled into a sense of complacency” that the American Muslim community is immune to radicalization.

“Before the July 7, 2005, suicide attacks on the London transportation system, the British believed that there was perhaps a problem with the Muslim communities in Europe but certainly not with British Muslims in the U.K., who were better integrated, better educated and wealthier than their counterparts on the Continent,” the report said.

“By stubbornly wrapping itself in this false security blanket, the U.S. lost five years to learn from the British experience,” the report added. “Authorities failed to comprehend that this was not an isolated phenomenon.”

The report concluded that an Islamic terrorist “radicalization and recruitment infrastructure had been established” in the American Muslim community years ago.

Hussain, a devout Muslim who helped draft Obama’s conciliatory Cairo speech to Muslims while working in the White House as a legal aide to the president, directly contradicted these expert findings during his Kabul speech.

“When it comes to the problem of violent extremism,” Hussain said, “Islam is not the problem.”

Critics point out that Hussain has longstanding ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide jihadist movement whose credo says, “Jihad is our way, and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition.”

In fact, he has been connected to several Islamic groups identified by the U.S. as Brotherhood fronts, as well as several Muslim leaders named by the government as key Brotherhood figures. They include convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian, whom Hussain once defended and then denied it when the press unearthed his quotes.

After Politico.com challenged his story with taped recordings, he admitted he did indeed call the indictment of a now-convicted terrorist a “travesty of justice,” as was first reported.

A Florida professor, Al-Arian was secretly running a U.S. beachhead for Palestinian terrorists. In a plea deal, he copped to a reduced charge of conspiracy to provide material support to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a federally designated terror group.

In a speech at a Cleveland mosque, al-Arian once thundered: “Let’s damn America, let’s damn Israel, let’s damn their allies until death.”

According to the book, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” a document the FBI seized from al-Arian’s computer reveals the Brotherhood in America is at war with the West and has erected a Trojan Horse to penetrate and dismantle its systems.

“We are in a battle of life and death, in a battle of fate and future against the Western hegemony,” the document says. “What is needed is the dismantling of the cultural system of the West.”

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