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2 male Marines publicly kissing each other

One of the best veteran reporters and columnists in our nation’s capital is Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times.

That is probably why he was leaked a copy of our armed forces training material for 2.2 million active and reserve troops, as a prelude to opening the ranks to self-announced homosexual males and lesbian females.

Within this training material, there is one welcome statement:

“Commanders may honor a request not to shower with known-gay service members.”

In a brief interview with Scarborough, I cited that and asked: “If they allow that refuge from the possibility of excessively peering homosexual eyes in the showers, what about the presence of peering by announced homosexuals in the latrines?”

Scarborough replied, “Nothing at all about that in that training material!”

Scarborough revealed that he had received some 900 emails, some supportive and some condemning him for reporting this training material, which also includes the following:

“You are the Executive Officer of your unit. While shopping at the local mall over the weekend, you observe two junior male Marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and hugging in the food court. Issue: Standards of Conduct. Is this within the standards of personal and professional conduct?”

“The answer to Marines: If the observed behavior crosses acceptable boundaries as defined in the standards of conduct for your unit and the Marine Corps, then an appropriate correction should be made. Your assessment should be made without regard to sexual orientation.”

How that can possibly be done with no consideration of sexual orientation is undeniably a mystery.

Scarborough also reported:

“In another scenario outlined in the Marine material, a lesbian Marine approaches her platoon sergeant and states ‘she can no longer tolerate her heterosexual roommate.'”

The answer: “The platoon sergeant must take a very active and positive leadership approach with a focus on conflict resolution and professional obligations to uphold the policy.”

QUESTION: Does this, or does this not, mean the lesbian Marine will be forced to room with a heterosexual? (And heterosexuals forced to room with lesbians?)

Further grim news:

“The U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces found that private consensual sexual activity to include consensual sodomy, regardless of sexual orientation, is a protected liberty under the 14th Amendment.”

QUESTION: Do the U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces know of any sexual orientation with a higher rate of AIDS and syphilis than homosexuality, which has led to so many thousands of deaths? And if homosexuals in our armed forces are medically examined for AIDS and syphilis when they are accepted into the armed services, should they not be re-examined whenever they return from leave – given the possibility of an AIDS- or syphilis-infected civilian lover, together with this homosexual armed forces member’s possible promiscuity in search for others in barracks or aboard ship?

There is further good news:

But then, from the negative:

“Soldiers may not seek an early discharge because they do not want to live or serve with gays.”

What is also appalling is that Rowan Scarborough’s undeniable scoop – on an issue of tremendous importance to our armed forces – received almost no other coverage or follow-up from almost all of the nation’s major media.