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Feel the love … at 451 Fahrenheit

Note: “Fahrenheit 451” is the dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury published during the Cold War. In the story, book-burning is commonplace; 451 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature at which paper ignites.

Remember the “no war toys” craze? I was just entering adulthood when liberal elites began pressuring manufacturers and advertisers not to market toys to children that could be construed as promoting violence. They also came out against so-called violent cartoons; suddenly, toy guns disappeared, G.I. Joe went away (to resurface in a later incarnation you needed a magnifying glass to play with), and cartoon characters stopped dropping baby grand pianos and anvils on each other.

This was all sold under the intellectual liberal conceit that their generation was more loving and civilized than that of the violent, knuckle-dragging previous ones, thus, morally superior to them. Idealistic, yuppie morons had no concept of human psycho-social development, particularly that of young males, or what the results of this action might be.

But this was moot, inasmuch as the genesis of this phenomenon was leftist power players whose desire it was to mold Americans into pacifistic, cringing little wusses.

And what did it get us?

Well, it got us the generation of the Columbine massacre, a gangbanging epidemic and kids who upload videos of their fight club matches to YouTube.

Can you feel the love?

Fortunately, not all of our youth went that way; however, there remains a major contingent of adults who were raised to deny that part of us that is capable of incapacitating multiple attackers if our child is endangered, or fighting off a raging mountain lion set upon devouring us. That’s the animal part of human beings, the part liberals want us to believe we should have transcended by now, like the Vulcans from “Star Trek” or something.

Good luck with that in the real world … because that animal is the part to which our enemies have no trouble relating; in fact, theirs prowl unrestrained much of the time.

So, some idiot clergyman 9,000 miles away burns a Quran, and people in Afghanistan go medieval. Literally. An orgy of death, burning, and general mayhem – over a book. What’s ironic is that the liberal elites who admonish us to empathize with the savages’ violent response have no empathy whatsoever for the religious sensibilities of Jews or Christians. In fact, they execute or condone equivalent actions to Quran burnings on a regular basis when it concerns the faith of Jewish or Christian Americans.

As I write this, there are entire sections of cities in France wherein the French dare not go, for fear of being robbed, raped, or worse – by Muslims. These “no go” zones (featured in a recent Christian Broadcasting Network segment) are squalid, self-imposed ghettoes, wherein Islamist parasites have ensconced themselves, enjoying the comforts and entitlements socialist politicians have provided at taxpayer expense.

Do the French people deserve this? No – but reason doesn’t enter into it. These are, after all, the same people who have no compunction as regards strapping bombs to their own children and sending them into crowds of their own people if they stand to kill a half dozen “infidels.” Still, liberals continue to tell us that Islam is a great religion, a peaceful religion, on a par with any other.

Can you feel the love?

The pressing question: What will happen when the imams order their devotees to come roaring out of these enclaves and descend upon the French people to subjugate them under pain of death? People who have been propagandized into passivity and disarmed by liberals in the very same manner they are propagandizing and attempting to disarm us.

What kind of people would bring this upon a population – let alone their own?

The same kind of people who would sabotage the culture and economy of a flourishing, prosperous country in order to usurp power that was guaranteed to rest with the people via their constitution. Vapid, effete, spoiled losers who prefer a system in which they – the amoral and ruthless – might thrive, because they are unable to do so upon their merits or creative contribution to society.

Do not think that the sort of stomach-turning barbarity perpetrated by Islamist fanatics is the sole domain of Islamist fanatics. The Weather Underground (the group of which ’60s radical and Obama pal Bill Ayers was a principal member) and other leftist groups in America murdered people and were prepared to have millions more purged when they took power.

Well … they’re close to taking power now. They have never before had a dedicated operative sitting in the White House, one who holds the strings of our military, National Guard and our nuclear arsenal at his very fingertips. They have never enjoyed such a following – deluded though that following may be.

The radical left revels in characterizing patriotic Americans as dangerous and potentially violent, but we know the dark truth and have seen the ominous warning: Sooner or later, nearly every leftist tyrant or cabal in history has given the order to their followers: Go forth and kill …