In November we had an historic election.

Republicans took over the House of Representatives and made gains in the Senate.

They did so because Americans recognized they made a big mistake in the previous election. They didn’t like the fact that the people in power were trying to “fundamentally transform” America from its roots as a self-governing nation under the rule of law to one based on top-down, command-and-control tyranny.

Since then, I’ve been watching Republican leaders in the House trying to reason with the Democrats, trying to bargain with them, trying to negotiate some middle ground with them, trying to compromise with them on issues that fundamentally do not have any room for bargaining, negotiating, compromise or middle ground.

We’ve all been watching the debate over fiscal policy taking place in Washington: Republicans proposing modest cuts in government, apparently expecting Barack Obama and Democrats in the Senate to go along with them in the interest of saving the country from economic collapse from unsustainable debt.

Of course, Obama and the Democrats will have none of it. They think because they control the White House and the Senate they should continue to dictate policy – even if their policies are clearly driving the nation off a cliff into bankruptcy and depression.
And most of us look at that and think, “You know, it’s too bad. But I guess there isn’t anything we can really do until 2012.”

That’s the trouble with conservatives. They’re too conservative – even when times call for radical action to preserve the foundations of our country.

Let me tell you how conservatives need to be responding to the national emergency we find ourselves in today.

When Republicans won the House last November, I started asking myself what could they accomplish in the next two years to derail the destructive, irrational policies of Obama and the Democrats – with control of the House alone.

What could they do to stop the advance of Obamacare?

What could they do to save the economy?

What could they do defund Planned Parenthood?

What could they do to end subsidies for left-wing propaganda on NPR and PBS?

What could they do to get Washington out of education to stop the indoctrination of another generation of kids?

What could they do to ensure we didn’t double the debt again in the next two years as we did in Obama’s first two years in office?

What could they do to start moving us back to constitutionally limited government?

It seemed impossible at first to figure out a strategy that could actually advance the agenda.

But then it hit me – as it did a few members of Congress, people like Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Rep. Ron Paul.

The answer was for Republicans in the House of Representatives to simply say no to raising the debt limit, while also saying no to any increase in taxes.

There’s a lot of power in saying “no” when you control one of the houses of Congress.

So I started an innovative, high-tech, grass-roots lobbying campaign to persuade just Republicans to do that.

When it started two months ago, we could identify only about six Republicans in the House who were on board with a no vote on raising the debt limit.

Then we began the “No More Red Ink” campaign targeting just the 241 Republicans who control the House. We empowered Americans with a tool that allowed them inexpensively and efficiently to send red letters to all 241 Republican House members urging them to say no to any hike in the debt limit – an action that would require the federal government to stop borrowing immediately and make the biggest cuts in spending in the history of the country.

So far, we have enabled nearly 1 million of those letters to be delivered to House Republicans.

About a month ago, we polled House Republicans on where they stood on this critical issue. And we found to our own amazement that 122 stood firmly opposed to raising the debt limit for any reason – just about half.

Two weeks ago, as the campaign continued, we polled again and found 142, a clear majority, were now deadset against raising the debt limit.

It only takes 218 votes in the House to stop the borrowing and spending madness and start returning this country to fiscal sanity and constitutionally limited government.

I am convinced the only way we will achieve that goal is to starve the beast. And Republicans, those we sent to Washington to take over the House in November, have all the power to do that – right now, not in 2012 or 2013.

I’m amazed at how effective this campaign has been in such a short time – while literally no one else outside of the Capitol was doing any serious lobbying on the issue or even talking seriously about the idea of a no vote on raising the debt limit.

Do you realize how close we are to taking Washington back?

If we pull this out, it would completely tie the hands of Obama and the Democrats for the next two years. They themselves – the Democrats – would be forced to make massive cuts in spending that would require defunding Obamacare, pulling the plug on Planned Parenthood, even killing entrenched unconstitutional bureaucracies like the Department of Education. They simply wouldn’t have any choice.

Sounds pretty radical, doesn’t it? Sounds almost too good to be true.

The only thing stopping us from achieving this victory is the position of the House Republican leadership, which says we must raise the debt limit or risk default on our loan obligations – mimicking what they’ve heard from the Federal Reserve and the treasury secretary.

But it’s not true.

The Heritage Foundation, Investors Business Daily, the CATO Institute and many other credible and authoritative sources have looked at this question and determined that is simply not the case. Washington could still continue to meet the payments on its loan obligations and continue all of its vital and constitutional obligations to the American people with its trillions of dollars of revenues.

Think about it.

Nobody else in America has the privilege of borrowing endlessly to pay for whatever they feel like spending – no companies, no individuals, not even state or local governments.

It’s not responsible and it’s not sustainable.

The biggest fiscal problem we have in America is unsustainable debt. How are we going to address that with continued borrowing? It makes no sense.

What we see in Washington today is Keynesian economics gone wild. There is no borrowing solution to America’s economic problems. America’s economic problems are the result of too much borrowing.

In the next 30 days, conservatives and Republicans are going to have to make a choice. Do we allow Obama and the Democrats to continue borrowing to pay for their insane, extra-constitutional programs or do we just say no?

House Republicans have all the power to just say no. The vast majority of them want to say no. But their leadership is telling them they can’t. If John Boehner on Monday morning had an epiphany on this and gave his membership permission to think outside the box and to use their power to reverse course, they would do it in a heartbeat.

Believe it or not, there are even a few Democrats who would go along with them – several in the House and Senate are already on record as opposing a hike in the debt limit.

That’s the choice we face in the next 30 days – and, under the radar screen, we are making real progress toward this objective.

If you want to be a part of this historic effort, I urge you all to go to and send your letters today – right now.

I’m telling you this because it’s the only hope of beginning the turnaround our country so desperately needs right now – not in 2013, which seems like a long way from now.

One little media company started this effort. There’s been virtually no publicity about it, no news coverage, no great debates, not even much help from the major conservative talk shows. Yet, we’ve delivered nearly 1 million personally addressed and personally signed letters to 241 House Republicans that seems to be making a big difference in their perspective, despite what their leadership is telling them

By the way, Republicans had better demonstrate this kind of leadership now or they will find themselves out in the political wilderness in 2012. They have an opportunity to do something dramatic, to set the terms of debate, to dictate fiscal policy in Washington – and they are on the verge of blowing it.

There is nothing else like this vote on the debt limit. It’s the magic bullet. It’s the political nuclear weapon that Republicans hold in their hands. It shouldn’t be traded away for promises by the Democrats to do better, when we know they won’t. It’s not in their nature. It’s not in their hearts.

Are you with me on this?

So what is holding back Boehner and the House Republican leadership. Well, they hear the dire warnings of Timothy Geithner, who couldn’t fill out his own tax form, and the other so-called experts. They’re afraid of getting out-maneuvered by Obama and the Democrats. They’re afraid of what the media will do to them. That’s why they’re not demonstrating the leadership that they were handed by the American people who, according to every poll, support this kind of dramatic action.

The only thing holding them back then is a lack of encouragement. That’s what we are providing with the “No More Red Ink” campaign.

I hope, in the next 30 days, you will encourage every one of your friends, your Facebook pals, your Twitter followers and everyone on your email list to take part in this campaign. And, most of all, I hope and pray you will take part – as I have.

We are right on the precipice of a stunning, historic victory that will fundamentally transform the way Washington conducts its business – and that is something the country desperately needs.

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