In a spectacular segment, Rush Limbaugh called Democrats “gutless wonders” and “masterminds of destruction” who “cry like a bunch of stuck pigs and whine like a bunch of little children” (FREE audio).

Inching further into so-called “birther” territory, Rush aired a new song parody by in-house satirist Paul Shanklin, featuring “Obama” singing “Born in the USA” (FREE audio).

However, Rush quickly added that those who believe Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. are “children living in a fantasy” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Michael Savage’s website – which is associated with WND’s – is once again one of the most heavily trafficked on the Internet, placing No. 5 in a recent analysis. Savage’s site far outranks those of his colleagues like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Savage’s show is also the third most streamed, according to industry watchers at TalkStreamLive.

I’m proud to say that Michael Savage read at length from my recent article about Muslims perpetrating welfare fraud throughout the West (FREE audio):

Sean Hannity

Sean was joined by author and WND columnist Vox Day to talk about his new book “The Return to the Great Depression.” Day simply and clearly explained to Hannity’s listeners how America has spent and indebted itself into a dangerous corner (FREE audio).

Echoing Day, Congressman Mike Pence told Hannity, “We need to change the status quo runaway spending” (FREE audio).

Hannity also had on Donald Trump, who spoke at length about the so-called “birther” issue (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

The American Spectator’s resident talk radio “watcher,” Jeffrey Lord, was amused (and confused) by newspaper columnist Paul Mulshine’s description of radio host Mark Levin as a “liberty-hating left winger.”

“Really? Really???” writes Lord (those are indeed his question marks). “Levin’s a Lefty? Yes … in Moonshine’s world. On the other hand, anyone who has spent two seconds listening to or talking to Mark Levin understands one is listening to or speaking with a plain, old-fashioned deeply well-read conservative.”

On the air this week, Levin talked to Congressman Paul Ryan about his 2012 GOP budget proposal (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

While Joan Baez’s recording of “Kumbaya” played in the background, Laura Ingraham pointed out the hypocrisy of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. The new DNC chair seems to have changed her tune on the matter of “divisive rhetoric” (FREE audio).

Ingraham tried to prepare possible presidential candidate Herman Cain for the kind of grilling he’s in for if he declares his candidacy, pressing him on his statement that he would never appoint a Muslim to his Cabinet if elected (FREE audio).

She also welcomed listener favorite, columnist and author Mark Steyn, who roundly mocked Obama’s foreign and domestic policies (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

After weeks of swirling rumors, Glenn Beck made it official mid-week: He’s leaving FOX News after his contract ends in December.

He made a provocative vow to make gloating progressives eat their celebratory words, however, telling them on his radio show (FREE webcam), “One year from now, you on the left will be crapping yourself so much, you haven’t crapped in your pants as much as you will in a year from now. … You’ll crap yourself more than when you were a baby. And you will find Jesus.”

Normally, I end this column with comments by “progressive” radio hosts, criticizing their conservative counterparts. However, what was surprising this week was the strong reaction to Beck’s departure from Fox by those who don’t fall under that category.

For example, employing Beck’s own self-deprecating nickname to explain his departure, Michael Harrison of the venerable Talkers Magazine, said bluntly, “You can’t be a ‘rodeo clown’ and maintain credibility.”

Brian Maloney, who runs the Radio Equalizer blog and is also a longtime industry insider, asked frankly, “Just how troubled is Glenn Beck? … Your Radio Equalizer has often asked those who’ve encountered him in the halls what he’s like off the air, but even those with personal familiarity aren’t exactly sure where the act ends and the real Glenn begins.”

Whatever one thinks of Glenn Beck, it’s a fact that he’s full of surprises. While commentators on all sides offer their take on his future, the rest of us will have to wait and see what develops at the end of this year. To maintain the momentum Beck has enjoyed since his Washington, D.C. rally, his next move will have to be spectacular indeed.

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