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The government should be shut down!

This is a surreal time in the world of Washington and international politics, underscoring just how badly our government functions and how truly malevolent it is. Frankly, with or without a budget deal between Republicans and Democrats, I welcome a government shutdown – and so should you. Like a badly behaved child, it’s time for our leaders to go to their “rooms” and take a time out while we figure out what to do about them and the state of the nation.

“We the People” have had our grievances dismissed and effectively “thrown in the trash” for many decades by an elite establishment, so here are just a few reasons why I would like to see the government close down for the time being – even just for symbolic value – with the exception of military, health and national-security personnel.

First, our court system has ceased to function as an arbiter of grievances either with the sovereign or between ourselves. Judges, who are chosen through political patronage or elected with the help of large campaign contributions from labor unions, large establishment law firms and other special interests, are by and large political hacks. They feather the nest of those who got them their jobs. And, do not believe for any instant that they are more ethical than the rest of society. That more bribery is not uncovered is only a function of the corrupt and compromised law enforcement agencies that take a hands-off approach to the judiciary. So, if our courts close over budget impasses or the like, no loss to the American people!

Second, our legislative branch of government, with a few exceptions, like Rep. Michele Bachmann, are also a bunch of whores. While skirmishing over a budget compromise in the last few months – mostly all for political positioning for the 2012 elections – they have ignored other urgent issues, such as the Middle East. The turmoil in the Middle East, with the potential for a “shutdown” of the flow of oil to the free world, is far more important even to our economy than the current budget battles on Capitol Hill. For if an oil field or two blows up and is taken “off line,” the world’s financial systems will panic and collapse, causing us to spiral into an even deeper depression.

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With Libya’s Col. Gadhafi this week writing a personal letter to President Barack Obama, calling him “my (Muslim) brother,” and Republicans in particular playing patty cakes on the budget but saying and doing little to nothing about the worsening events in the Middle East borders on criminal. We all know what motivates Obama and his Democratic socialists, but what excuses do Republicans have for “going along to get along” with the president’s Islamic march to effectively drive Israel into the sea and compromise U.S. national security? So, if congressional agencies (not Congress itself, which it has exempted from any shutdown) have to close for a while, so be it. Good riddance!

Third, the executive branch of government, currently run by President Obama, has repeatedly failed the American people and the world. It is corrupt and fixated on its own self-preservation; not the needs of the populace. As just one example, it starts wars, such as in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, with little to no strategic plan, but rather mainly based on politics, sacrificing the lives of our brave servicemen, and then has no accountability to them when they are killed and maimed on the battlefield. I, for one, am tired of the sanctimonious talk by President Obama about how much he cares for our troops, when in reality he couldn’t care less. To him and many other past presidents, with the exception of President Reagan, in recent times, the well-being of our servicemen has come second to their political games to get re-elected.

I could go on and on, but you know where I am heading. The time has come to completely revamp our system of government, to make it responsive to the needs and concerns of its people. The growing crises domestically and internationally cry out for a new constitutional convention, to fine tune the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and reinvigorate our government institutions. Today, I am in Philadelphia, the birthplace of liberty and, ironically, also my own birthplace. As I walk among the treasures of Independence Hall and see and feel where our Founding Fathers birthed a new nation, I feel even more deeply that we need to return to our roots.

I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that our great nation and the truly free peoples of the world are on the brink of cataclysmic disaster. If we do not peacefully take matters into our own hands and make a real effort to reform our government, we will not have the collective means and there will be little chance to pull ourselves out of this death spiral. Watching the “pygmies” in government just over the last week pontificate on this or that “bêtise” – French for stupidity – while ignoring real pressing issues, should scare the hell out of any real patriot.

Without real government reform NOW, we are about to come unglued and sink into an abyss from which we will never be able to recover.

Government is not the be all and end all. As a conservative-libertarian, I distrust government generally. But we do need lean and mean functioning government institutions to put into effect the collective will of “We the People.” Today, we do not have them, and we are about to pay the price if things don’t change for the better real fast!

Perhaps a shutdown of government, however temporary and with or without a budget impasse, could be the wake-up call we all need. Lets take a time out and move forward with a better system to implement the will of the people, just as we began in 1776 in Philadelphia.