Have you ever asked yourself the question: How in the world does Barack Hussein Obama get away with the things he does and the decisions he makes without even a peep from the mainstream media?

Obama has sat back and watched the price of gasoline double since he took office; he put 87,000 oil workers in the gulf out of work with an arbitrary stroke of the pen and doubled the national debt without a word of explanation. The press reported nothing more than his brilliance in these matters.

With the help of the wicked witch of San Francisco, he destroyed the best health-care system in the world while ignoring the will of the people. He sent U.S. Air Force equipment and personnel to bomb Libya without congressional approval, and the press heralded him as a great humanitarian. Never mind that half the world believed he should return his Nobel Peace Prize. Where was the critical analysis from the press so essential to a free and open democracy?

Mr. Obama spent hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars taking his wife to New York for “Date Night,” wiped out secured creditors at General Motors while pouring billions of dollars into union-thug accounts. He even cracked jokes at the expense of handicapped children from the Special Olympics. All that didn’t even raise as much as an eyebrow from the New York Times.

Of course, the press would not think to bring up one of Barack Hussein Obama’s BFFs, Jeff Immelt from G.E. Immelt and his company received billions of dollars in loans and tax refunds while creating billions of profit for his corporation. The same crony Mr. Obama appointed to the Economic Recovery Advisory Council and the White House Council on Jobs. The same one! Yet the “journalists” at Time and Newsweek make no mention of the connection. Wouldn’t you say there is at least a whiff of conflict of interest in that General Electric and Immelt are big donors to Barack Hussein Obama?

I don’t have enough column space to mention the dozens of stupid or nefarious things this president has done without a peep of explanation as to why. Can any of us ever forget our president bowing the the Saudi king or state he had “been to all 57 states.” I doubt there is one Marine who will ever forget when Mr. Obama referred to the Marine Corps as the Marine CORPSE. Unless those Marines now serve in the press.

If memory serves, I never saw any scrutiny of the president filling his Cabinet with tax cheats, appointing 32 czars who report only to him or how the president could summarily fire the head of a public company with the simple stroke of the executive pen. Nope, not a mention.

You would think some of the greenie weenies from the left over at the New York Times or MSNBC would have mentioned the inherent hypocrisy of burning 9,000 gallons of jet fuel on Air Force One to plant a tree on Earth Day, wouldn’t you? But once again, not a peep.

Of course, who could ever forget the brilliant move of our grand leader when he ordered Air Force One, accompanied by fighter jets, for the famed joy ride, flying so low over downtown Manhattan it caused widespread terror and rekindled very bad memories for its citizens. Now that for sure should have made the headlines, don’t you think? It didn’t.

So why is he allowed to get away with all of this?

Just ask Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Who could ever forget when Bill Clinton decided to hold Barack Hussein Obama accountable for what were clearly inaccurate statements and flat-out lies. Here is a little excerpt from the town-hall meeting:

BILL CLINTON: “You [Barack Obama] said in 2004 you didn’t know how you would have voted on the resolution, you said in 2004 there was no difference between you and George Bush on the war, and you took that speech you’re now running on off your website in 2004, and there’s no difference in your voting record and Hillary’s ever since. Give me a break. This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

He went on to refer to Barack Obama as a kid.

That was the same town hall Mr. Clinton pointed out the slurs Barack Obama directed at Hillary about being the “senator from Punjab.” Mr. Clinton was viscerally angry for the lies and distortions and made it clear. He dared to challenge the lack of honesty coming from the upstart from Chicago.

What did that get Mr. Clinton?

The charge of being a racist. How ironic considering many dubbed Clinton our first “black” president. Mr. Clinton was painted with this brush by many Obama worshippers in the press and Team Obama. How dare Clinton attempt to hold the junior senator from Illinois accountable. How dare Clinton raise a standard of honesty against the anointed one. The media had already chosen the next president. Who in the world did Bill Clinton think he was to question the one who walked on water? The chosen bearer of “hope and change”?

Mr. Obama will not be held accountable now or in the future for the same reason everyone in America backed off after that town-hall meeting – including challenger John McCain who would not question Obama for fear of being deemed a racist as well, the most feared smear in America.

As we get closer to the next election, expect to see this Obama tactic reappear.

Just imagine for a moment what George W. Bush would have been put through if he had made the same mistakes or unconstitutional moves. George Bush stopped playing golf when the troops were on the ground. Mr. Obama began. But I won’t belabor the point. The double standard exists, and its seems we are all powerless to challenge it.

I only hope this election America becomes color blind to racism. The recent visit with Al Sharpton on the same week Obama launched his 2012 re-election bid was not a coincidence. These events were planned by design – a design that has made this president the “Kevlar President.”

Our only hope is America will judge Mr. Obama in November of 2012 by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

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