When human beings were cave-dwelling hunter-gatherers, our priorities were a bit different than those of the average modern Westerner. The name says it all; if you’ve ever hunted or gathered, you can only begin to imagine an existence in which this was the primary modality of acquiring sustenance. More often than not, it took every waking hour of a clan or group’s time that was not spent sleeping or defending themselves from the elements, predators or enemies. It is doubtful that Paleolithic humans were overly concerned with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit – or politics, for that matter.

Initially, according to anthropologists and paleontologists, the leaders of these groups were either the strongest and smartest, or the ones whose wisdom was respected and in which a group trusted to keep them alive. As humans became more culturally refined, we didn’t have to spend all of our time acquiring sustenance, so we had freedom to do other things. Having more temporal resources, ideas arose, and the idea of trading the various things we made – including food – came along. We began to overproduce, as it were, that we might profit from the things we now had time to create.

Capitalism was born. It was a natural progression; like our intellect and society themselves, the modality evolved from primitive to civilized.

It is noteworthy that the state of hunter-gatherers, the collectivism and scraping subsistence (as well as stark fear of enemies and predators) is eerily reminiscent of that which the political left is attempting to foist upon America: Collectivism and lack of resources. They would force us into distributing the fruits of our labor as they see fit – collectively – which has always resulted in lack.

The exception here is that – contrary to the chiefs of ancient hunter-gatherer clans – the management skills of socialist leaders do not merit their occupying such positions. They will do nothing to contribute to the collective. In fact, they are essentially nothing more than parasites.

I think, therefore I deserve – the creed of the socialist.

The most extreme examples of this in modern times have been the former Soviet Union, China and North Korea. While not reduced to living in caves (in most cases), the struggle of subsistence (as well as stark fear of their brutal regimes) for the average citizen occupied so much time and energy that people had neither the energy nor will to fight for change. As has been borne out so many times, no matter how squalid existence becomes, the leadership always has the best of everything.

More than the ignorant and impoverished, or the lazy suburbanite conditioned to obey, more than the old-money elites who have been brought up to believe that they are all that and a can of Pringles, more than the pampered celebrity, more than even the power-hungry liberal power players who conspire and deceive – there is a group of people whom I find to be a special kind of gutless. These are the first-generation billionaire entrepreneurs who align themselves with the political left, thereby throwing down the ladder to success behind them, and assuming the role of oligarchs among our would-be rulers.

This is particularly craven in my view, even compared to the aforementioned old-money elites, because the nouveau riche of today were not conditioned to believe that they are a cut above others simply because they have money. They have seen how average Americans live, and lived as we do. So there can be no illusions that the left will somehow improve our aggregate lot in life; in the America Barack Obama and his colleagues envision, there will be no more rags-to-riches stories.

One needs but turn on the television to determine that people do not need to be particularly bright nor wise to materially succeed in this country. Despite this, it is difficult to accept that men such as Steve Jobs (Apple Computer), Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook), Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) and Reed Hastings (NetFlix CEO) are profoundly stupid. Thus, one must presume that arrogance and vanity have dictated they throw in with those who are manifestly less creative, moral and, yes, worthy than the rest of us, by virtue of their malignancy.

I mention these men because they are the ones who, among others, attended a Feb. 17 dinner with President Obama; this was ostensibly geared toward the business community helping to “win the future, strengthen our economy, support entrepreneurship, increasing our exports and get the American people back to work,” according to the White House. It is the “win the future” part that is of concern, because we have more than a little knowledge of what the lofty yet nebulous phraseology on the part of this president and this administration usually portends: more Cyclopean socialistic, liberty-stultifying designs.

When the ruthless are the only ones who have an opportunity to succeed, this is when the American Dream will flatline – and it will be back to the proverbial cave.

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