Many weeks after WND began its “No More Red Ink” campaign to convince lawmakers to vote “no” on raising the debt ceiling, the undisputed king of conservative talk radio took the airwaves to make the same case.

Today, Rush Limbaugh’s program coincided with President Obama’s afternoon speech at George Washington University about the new budget. Limbaugh told listeners that while he’d comment on Obama’s speech in real time, he had no intention of canceling pre-scheduled commercials (or as they are known in Limbaugh lingo, “obscene profit time-outs”) just to accommodate the president. Rush is an unapologetic capitalist, after all. However, Obama’s speech seemed to indicate that he was not.

After an obligatory nod to “the free market,” Obama declared, to the contrary, that America’s true greatness stemmed directly from government intervention in all aspects of American life. Limbaugh called the speech “a sales pitch for growing, expanding, ever larger government.”

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Limbaugh also called out Republicans who “don’t have the stomach” to do what needs to be done – cut spending, cut taxes and reign in the debt – despite the overwhelming message American voters sent to them in November.

(However, the “No More Red Ink” campaign – with its one million “red letter” messages personally delivered to each member of the House Republican majority – is clearly moving some of them in the right direction. When the campaign began, WND publisher Joseph Farah says he could identify only six Republican House members staunchly opposed to raising the debt limit. The most recent head count showed that a whopping 142 members were now “opposed unconditionally.”)

On yesterday’s show, Rush tackled the issue in depth, pointing out that the same people now calling for raising the debt ceiling were the same Democrats who railed against it:

“Five years ago, Harry Reid said, how can we consciously destroy our economy by raising the debt ceiling, trillions of dollars in new debt for our children or grandchildren? Five years later, this week, Harry Reid will say, we will destroy our economy if we don’t raise trillions of new debt. Is it any wonder the voters of this country have become properly cynical? Is it any wonder the people of this country look at our elder statesmen in Washington with little or no respect anymore?”

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