There really shouldn’t be any controversy with saying that the president of the United States should demonstrate that he is eligible to hold office. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any debate over whether President Obama need provide his original, long-form birth certificate.

I had to provide my birth certificate when I enlisted in the Army. I provided it when applying for a driver’s license. And everyone else can name instances where they have had to provide their birth certificate as well. Is the Army an irrational birther institution? Is the DMV? What about any other institution that requires a birth certificate? No. In fact, such questions would have been deemed irrational prior to President Obama. So it seems ridiculous to mock those who now want the president to provide this simple piece of documentation. Nevertheless, let’s accept for the moment that asking for birth verification is the height of irrationality … and from this point we will see who the true birthers are.

Gianna Jessen’s mother aborted her at birth. Jessen managed to survive, yet the abortion left her with cerebral palsy. I learned of Jessen during the 2008 presidential campaign when she gained national attention with her advertisement that explained Mr. Obama’s position on human life. Jessen’s audacity infuriated the left and could not go unpunished. The left already disliked her since she dared to survive an abortion. However, now that she stood up for human life the leftist dislike swelled into pure hatred, and so they swore revenge on this private citizen … just like they swore revenge on private citizen Joe Wurzelbacher.

Thoroughly researched for three years, the book that will blow the lid off the scandal: Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President”

Jill Stanek followed Jessen and the attacks she endured from the left; Stanek helped defend Jessen as well. One of the ways the left tried to destroy Jessen was by claiming that her mother did not abort her. The left – as high up as Jake Tapper of ABC News – pursued this angle hard enough that Jessen eventually provided her certification of live birth and birth medical record to the public to prove that she had not lied.

Think about that. The left and its media establishment pressured a private citizen into releasing birth documentation to prove that her mother aborted her. Jessen wasn’t running for office. She had no power over the lives of you and me. She wasn’t even applying for employment. She simply told a true personal story. And for that the leftist media made her provide multiple forms of documentation to verify her birth story. To this day, no one has heaped significant criticism upon the media nor have leftists ever apologized for their birtherism. Even worse, the right never ridiculed leftists mercilessly for this behavior. And people wonder why the left rules this nation.

The bottom line is that the right needs to stop caring what the left thinks. I have nothing in common with leftists. I’m assuming the right does not, either. Therefore, there is nothing to be gained from trying to work with them, find common ground with them, or trying to persuade them through dialogue. The only reasonable interaction with them comes from attempting to defeat them. I do not believe that everyone needs to call for the president to release his original, long-form birth certificate. In fact, I believe there is value in some not calling for it. In short, I believe that each person has his place and has his role. However, those claiming to be conservative do need to stop denouncing and ridiculing those who do call for the president to release his original, long-form birth certificate. Otherwise, they are just assisting the left. Furthermore, if being ridiculed is what the right fears the most and is why it joins with the left in denouncing and ridiculing those who want the president to provide his birth certificate, imagine how much more the right will be ridiculed in the future if it turns out that the president did indeed have something to hide – even as the right allowed the president and his allies to force a private citizen to provide documentation of her birth to show that her mother – and leftist abortionists – tried to murder her just as she claimed.


Paul Hair is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His columns have appeared at The Daily Caller and other outlets.

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