Friend, let me paint you a picture. It’s an analogy to the frightful situation confronting our Ship of State, right now, today. You’re in this picture.

See a large lifeboat filled with passengers who are doing all they can to stay alive. Large waves are continually sweeping over the boat, drenching all aboard and threatening to overturn the boat. Even worse, it’s filling with sea water, from holes in the bottom. The situation seems almost beyond solution, and all may be lost.

The ship captain, who did not go down with the ship, is on board and is giving commands from the prow. “Quick! Tilt the boat toward the incoming waves; let the waves wash in – and maybe the inflow will wash out the other side and take some of the collected water with it. And one or two of you strong men, dive under the water and punch more holes in the bottom, to let this collected water out! I’m in charge here, and this is our only hope!”

The stunned passengers scream, “No, Captain, NO! That will sink us even faster! Don’t you see? Turn the boat away from the waves, don’t just invite them in! And we need to dive down and do whatever we can to plug up the holes, even with our blankets and valuables! Then let each of us bail out the water that’s about to drown us all, with our hands, shoes, whatever we can find! That’s our only hope! We must keep this boat afloat!”

Which advice would you want to prevail? Which might save the boat, with all on board, including the captain … and which amounts to certain death?

Surely you see the analogy to where we are in America today, economically and politically. We’re awash in a storm of unpayable debt; there are four applicants for every available job; long-established programs to aid the elderly and the sick are about to be swept overboard; and the commander in chief and his aides are advocating more huge spending, more unpayable debt and even more taxes! It’s lunacy!

In just the last six months, our national debt has increased 15 percent. The administration is borrowing $4 billion a day more, and we’re paying $600 million a day in interest on that exploding debt!

Under Pelosi and Reid, and now President Obama and his team, we’ve added the debt amounts of Russia and Germany onto our sagging taxpaying shoulders. In his first two years in office, the president has increased our national debt by $3 trillion, and wants Congress to approve $1.5 trillion a year for the next 10 years.

In his speech from George Washington University April 13 – just two days before the tax deadline – he promised to raise taxes in several ways, including discontinuing the “Bush tax cuts” which have been a needed incentive for businesses to create jobs. And he was even more emphatic about spending multiplied billions more on research, innovation, infrastructure and other pet programs, to “win America’s future.” Spend and tax, spend and tax … sound familiar?

He said he will reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 12 years – $2 trillion in spending cuts, including defense, $2 trillion in uncovering and abolishing waste, and in “projected” increased revenues (taxes on incomes). This while he intends to keep deficit spending, in his proposed budgets, $1.5 trillion a year for the next 10 years. Can you do the math? He promises to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion –-while adding at least $15 trillion in his spending!

He repeated his plan to trim $500 billion out of Medicare “waste,” while expanding Medicaid by at least that much through his rammed-through health-care plan, mandating that 30 million more Americans subscribe to that program, along with the rest of us who adamantly opposed it.

In the next few months, he will lock horns with Congress over raising our debt limit and his budget for 2012. His intentions for both are to give him even greater authority for more spending on programs “dear to his heart.” How he plans to cut defense – while we’re involved in three wars currently in the Middle East and supposedly defending our borders here at home – he didn’t say.

But the QE2 program, flooding our economy with more billions of printed money, backed by thin air, is continuing under Mad Ben Bernanke, desperately trying to create the false image that America’s economy is improving. And thousands of “new jobs” contributing to that image, are government jobs, adding to the taxpayer woes. Can you spell inflation?

After weeks of haggling and jockeying for political position, both houses of Congress and the president approved a piddling $38 billion in budget cuts, to stave off a government shutdown. That used to be serious money – but compared to a current $14 trillion debt and a $1.5 trillion annual budget deficit, it’s like, as someone suggested, arguing over the bar tab on the Titanic!

Some of my own family think I’m whistling in the wind, but the latest Reuters poll documents that 69 percent of Americans believe we’re on the wrong track. We’re not dummies, or blind ideologues; we can see and hear Niagara Falls ahead, and we want to turn this boat around.

How? Just a couple common-sense suggestions. Restructure Social Security, saving promises for seniors who paid for those promises, increase the retirement age, make contributions larger for younger workers, and make it optional for those who don’t want to pay in for it. The same with health insurance; scrap Obamacare completely, make insurance plans optional for workers, grant tax credits for those who buy their own, and let insurance companies offer their plans across state lines, the good old free-enterprise way. Watch the rates come down and benefits increase, with the weight for performance on the companies where it belongs, and not on the taxpayers.

Cut government programs in half (they account for 25 percent of GDP now), and get it off the backs of businessmen, the supposed “rich,” who not only create jobs, but who already pay over 50 percent of our taxes. Enough is enough!

Tell the captain to sit down, and let the passengers save the boat!

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