Limbaugh issued a clarion call to conservatives this week, urging them to boldly and fearlessly work to defeat Obama and his fellow Democrats.

“We had an election in November that was a Democrat shellacking. (…) It was an anti-Obama, anti-Democrat election. There’s no reason to let this guy win anything. This guy’s gotta be stopped politically. This guy has got to be politically defeated at each and every turn.”

Rush’s immediate response to the president’s speech about the budget was equally blunt. As reported at the time at WND, Limbaugh blasted any plans to hike the debt ceiling, and again challenged Republicans “to do what needs to be done.” (FREE audio):

Later in the week, Limbaugh went even further, after Chuck Schumer framed the debate about raising the debt ceiling as a larger battle, over “the role of government itself.” If that debate is indeed going to be “the most important thing we do this century,” Limbaugh says, then conservatives should welcome that opportunity to present their winning principles to the people. As Rush always says: “Bring it on!” (FREE audio):


“The country is insane!” proclaimed Michael Savage, as he denounced Republican lawmakers as “fake” and the media as “vermin” (FREE audio):

Savage focused this week on out of control spending in Washington, and Obama’s desire to hike taxes on “the rich.” Savage counted himself among the nation’s wealthy – and explained exactly how he got that way, from his humble beginnings to how he succeeded in radio and publishing. (FREE audio):


This week, France banned Muslim women from wearing the burqa in public. Guest David Horowitz explained that “France is under assault from Muslims. Jews are fleeing France because of persecution from Muslims. This is a modest step to contain this threat.” (FREE audio):

Naturally, the main topic of conversation for Hannity and his guests this week was the budget. He asked Republican Sen. Michelle Bachman point blank: “What happened?” She explained that she had been openly “fighting to defund Planned Parenthood and defund Obamacare,” but the GOP leadership didn’t make the complex issues clear enough for the general public to understand and support. (FREE audio):


Mark Levin put a damper on the speculation that millionaire businessman Donald Trump might run for President on the Republican ticket, warning his fans on Facebook:

“Trump is NOT the real deal. He will get Obama re-elected. This is not a game. This is not a circus. He is not a conservative.”

Levin also observed that GOP insiders in Washington weren’t necessarily any better, writing:

“These beltway folks are blinded by their camaraderie or something. Obama is not playing catch up and the GOP is not united. The tea party is very disappointed, and rightly so. And without the tea party the GOP cannot win majorities.”

Rising Republican star Congressman Paul Ryan joined Mark to critique Obama’s budget speech, and discuss the need to raise taxes on the “rich.” Said Ryan, “I’ve never seen a president give a speech like this before.” (FREE audio):


At the start of the week, Gov. Mike Huckabee talked to Laura, and congratulated Speaker John Boehner, who he said was doing a great job. Boehner himself came on the show later in the week, to defend himself against his critics on the right.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann dropped by to discuss not only the lack of meaningful spending cuts in the latest budget, but also the presidential race in 2012. However, Bachmann declined to confirm that she would be running this time around.
(FREE audio):


This week, Beck declared his 2012 presidential ticket dream team: freshman legislators Allan West and Michelle Bachman. He also joked about running for president himself. (Note to Beck’s “progressive” critics: he was kidding.)

(FREE webcam)

Speaking of which: people are still gloating about Beck’s announced departure from Fox News. However, Beck continues to assure his fans that he won’t really be “gone” come December, hinting at a new television program in the works. An admitted non-fan of Beck’s – conservative commentator J.E. Dyer – speculated about the talk show host’s immediate future:

“Opportunities are wide open for entrepreneurs to reach audiences outside of the established-network paradigm. Oprah is undertaking one such venture, and it appears Beck is looking at launching another. Somebody’s going to make it work. No one thought, back in the late 1980s, that Rush Limbaugh could build and sustain a profitable AM radio audience, but he not only did so, he made the form and the medium a moneymaker for others.”

And finally, from the left side of the dial…

Imagine what would happen if a guest on a conservative talk radio show ever described President Obama as “carrying a spear.” The outrage would be deafening, and last for months, if not years.

This week, the only thing that was deafening was the silence, when would-be talk show host, attorney Mike Papantonio, told Ed Shultz he still supported the first African-American president because, as a Democrat, he’s still “carrying our spear.” (FREE audio):

The joke’s on Papantonio, however. He obviously doesn’t realize that the expression “spear carrier” comes from the theatrical world, and isn’t a compliment. It’s commonplace for a newly knighted British actor, for instance, to reminisce about his long-ago days as a “spear carrier” – that is, a lowly, line-less extra, outfitted with a spear or a sword and trotted out as human “set decoration” during a Shakespearean play.

In other words, a declared Obama supporter insulted his president when he meant to endorse him. As far as sharp object are concerned, progressives aren’t always the sharpest knives in the drawer.

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