Sometimes it seems that the man who is president of this country has his head – well, not on his shoulders but not connected to his brain.

I know he has a brain because anyone savvy enough to get elected to the highest office of the land with virtually no experience, with an invisible background and no paper trail has to have a brain.

The dilemma for Americans is that it’s almost impossible to figure out what’s going on in the brain of Barack Obama.

He promises and then reneges. He flips and then flops. He exaggerates and then ignores. He says one thing, but his actions speak of other intents.

It takes a lot of that kind of subterfuge to lead people to raise serious questions about a leader, especially in this country. We don’t always have presidents we like or support wholeheartedly but because of our system of government, because of our Constitution, we expect our president to level with us on important issues.

Not all do, but without question Barack Obama takes the cake for being a walking, talking enigma.

Unfortunately for him and us, that’s led many people to ask a penetrating question: “Whose side is he on?” Unfortunately, because of much of what he’s done and not done, it appears to many Americans that he really doesn’t have the wellbeing and security of this country at heart.

What does he believe? What does he think? In fact, who is Barack Obama? Looking at his actions, inactions, decisions, non-decisions, choices and avoidance of choices, the pattern is more than erratic.

This is a man who chose to run for president, won, took the oath and then has spent the rest of the time, doing what he wants, when he wants and how he wants.

If there are questions or allegations that he’s overstepped presidential authority, as in the decision to bomb Libya, he ignores them.

When courts find Obamacare is unconstitutional, instead of halting the implementation until the issue is resolved, he ignores the courts.

When the economy is in tatters, unemployment grows, virtually all states and the country face a financial cliff, we’re in two wars and then get deeply involved in directing internal decisions in Egypt’s government and then, doing the same in Libya gets us in another war – where is Obama?

He’s traveling to South America – with the wife, family and nanny and an entourage of corporate bigwigs, supposedly to stir up trade but, while there, he sends billions to Brazil so they can drill offshore for oil, which he then promises to buy for us!

All the while, he refuses to allow his own country to drill on or off shore to meet domestic needs and eliminate dependence on foreign oil. We have more than enough oil, but he won’t allow us to touch it. His administration talks of environmental risks.

Yet there’s not a word about the fact that Cuba is going to drill in the Caribbean, not far from Florida. The Chinese are also involved in such projects there and other countries as well.

How will Obama react when any of those rigs blow and contaminate Florida’s beaches? Maybe he’ll be traveling again and ignore it.

All this has left many of his supporters with their heads spinning, and many others saying their vote for Obama’s “hope and change” was a mistake – one they’ll not make again.

He took a lot of heat for his latest budget speech. He brings it down to race baiting, class envy and tax increases. He takes the lowest of the low roads: tax, tax, tax the rich because, well – they’re rich and he’s decided they can afford to give more to the government. After all, he said, they’re more than willing to pay back the country but the government just “hasn’t asked them.”

Interestingly, Obama’s definition of rich changed dramatically.

He talks about millionaires and billionaires, but when you look at his tax proposals, he considers people “rich” if they earn $250,000 a year.

Many two-earner families with children, as well as small businesses, are in that category. They’re not “rich.” But according to Obama they are, and he wants his cut and more.

In addition to not talking about U.S. oil drilling, Obama avoids talking about border security. Not in Afghanistan or Egypt or Libya – border security at home.

While thousands of illegal aliens a week stream into this country, while citizens fear for their lives, possessions, land and businesses, while states hemorrhage money because of the demands illegals put on the social, educational, medical and law enforcement infrastructure – Obama says nothing.

He doesn’t visit the border, talk to the people or meet with law enforcement for a firsthand report.

All they get is DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano telling them the border is “safer than ever.”

Americans know better.

The latest census shows whites are almost a minority in California and Hispanic children constitute more than half the school population; San Diego and New York no longer have a white majority; and Hispanics outnumber blacks in most urban centers.

That leaves a big question Barack Obama, his administration and his party won’t answer: How many of those Hispanics are here illegally, and why aren’t they stopping it?

An illegal population displaces legitimate citizens. It’s insanity for the government to allow it to happen in the first place but worse to enable it to continue.

Unless, of course, it’s intentional and the goal is free citizenship.

Obama must answer for this – and much more.

Can you hear us now, Barack Obama?

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