Whether one has had children, studied psychology or simply been a casual observer of the world around them, it’s pretty evident that we arrive on this planet as utterly egocentric beings. It’s a natural state, the earliest in our development; as we mature, we come to realize – or are made to realize – that the world doesn’t revolve around us. If we cultivate a conscience, we develop some level of concern for our fellow humans; if not, it becomes apparent that we would do well at least to feign such concern, if we are to get along well at all in society.

In previous lessons (so to speak), I’ve touched on the innate immaturity of liberal thought, how many who’ve studied it have made similar observations and how some have even likened it to a mental illness of sorts. While it is at times tempting to lay all of our society’s problems at the feet of this sociopolitical doctrine, the fact is that those who have been instrumental in manifesting said problems have come from all over the political map. They do have one thing in common, though, and that is the shortsighted egoism their actions have evidenced.

Which means, I suppose, that you don’t have to be a sociopathic misfit to be a liberal – but it sure helps …

Presented for your consideration: a popular magazine called Self. You might have seen it in the supermarket; it largely showcases those who have people to go to the supermarket for them. In the latest issue of this frightening emblem of our malaise, Hollywood brat Gwyneth Paltrow bemoans dissatisfaction with her “long, square butt” and how much her personal trainer has been helping her rehabilitate it. While many pass this vapid fare up with disgust, millions of others purchase it, enriching socially -irresponsible profiteers and validating the sick culture here proffered.

Why do modern liberals think and act as they do? Find out in Dr. Lyle Rossiter’s book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.”

Self. We – younger Americans in particular – have been raised on conceit and self-importance. This is why Self sells; it is wholly focused on narcissism and those who suffer gravely from this character defect. Consequently, we admire celebrities, not matter how morally ambivalent they may be. We strive to emulate them. By the time we reach the level of a youth-oriented reality television show, we are witnessing some truly horrifying, predatory social pathology.

And as the walls come crashing in, those of us who pass for adults concern ourselves with the impending nuptials of two inbred, indolent British people with altogether too much money and time on their hands.

Because pop culture is driven by the entertainment media, itself peopled by those with perverted core values, our children may now view Disney starlets who do magazine nude spreads (recent edition of Allure). Some are sucking face with other girls on a weekly basis, while their teenage male counterparts make goo-goo eyes … at each other. In case you hadn’t noticed, homoerotica has become practically epidemic in television programming for teens and preteens. This week, WND reported on the advent of “transgenderotica” on MTV.

It sure ain’t “The Mickey Mouse Club” anymore; and like all the myriad insanities the left foists upon us (such as spending to cure deficits and capitulation to pacify our enemies), the proponents simply deny these things are contributing to the general rot that threatens to corrode the fabric of our nation entirely, and that we’re big, fat, intolerant meanies for suggesting so.

But I digress. Underlying all of this is the same sort of ego orientation that drives public sector union members to protest government austerity measures, even when those measures will save thousands of their colleagues’ jobs. Why? Because they might have to give up a crumb or two in the process.

Ironically, the remedy does start with “self,” because it is the individual who has to make a choice for himself or herself that they are not going to live solely for themselves, that they are going to embrace a higher principle, and pitch in to save this nation from the freaks and power hounds of hell. It is a mature decision, however antithetical to that which the aforementioned freaks and power hounds have espoused.

Some who comprehend our precarious position have already made the right decision. For most of us, however, it may take the sort of massive-scale tragedy that causes entire societies to take stock of their values. The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America give rise to this phenomenon, but not to the degree I suggest. This will be unfortunate, because I believe it will involve suffering on a scale that will exponentially outstrip that of the Great Depression. Sadly, it is my inclination to wager that this is how things shall progress, circumstances having conspired to render so many Americans wholly ignorant of the dire nature of our situation, and with others tenaciously and self-righteously clutching the suicidal doctrine of liberalism.

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