The wake-up calls are over. Go to sleep America, go to sleep.

“Deception is an arrangement of light and dark … ‘chiaroscuro’ … The people must be made to see white where there is black when this is necessary to the progress of the Revolution. …”

Quote attribution: “From the guidelines for ‘disinformation’ and deceit as an arm of secret warfare, offered to Lenin by his German Communist escort, Willi Munzenberg, on the famous sealed train carrying Lenin like an incubus into Mother Russia in 1917. The German General Staff provided train and escort from Lenin’s Swiss exile to Petrograd, counting on him to spread disaffection among the Russian soldiery at a critical phase in World War I.” (Quote and attribution taken from “Intrepid’s Last Case,” by William Stevenson, copyright 1983 by Villard Books [Random House]).

Note that it was a “German Communist” – a Nazi – who instructed Lenin, upon his return to Mother Russia. Of all the destructive religious heresies in the world, none comes close to Communism. Its adherents are true believers, whom no amount of human suffering can dissuade, no amount of human facts and logic persuade, of the fallacy of their god.

  • “If only we’d had more money, it would have worked.”

  • If only we’d been more ideologically pure, it would have worked.”
  • “If only we’d acted more forcefully, killed more dissenters, destroyed more human freedom, had more secret police, it would have worked.”
  • “This time – it will work!”

History repeats itself – until we get the message. Here’s how “Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing” (by William Sargant, copyright 1957, 1959 by Harper & Row), describes the process used by the Chinese Communists during their revolution:

“Not only were anger and fear about external enemies aroused, as a means of making the masses suggestible, but even stronger emotions were provoked against supposed internal enemies, such as rich landowners, bankers and merchants. Every endeavor was made to arouse intense guilt and anxiety in as many non-Communists as possible. Even small shopkeepers were made to feel that they had been reactionary capitalists and grievous sinners against the new Communist State. Orgies of group confession about political deviation were encouraged. The denouncing of parents and relatives by their children – as under Hitler – added to the desired atmosphere of insecurity and anxiety; since almost everybody has some incident in his past of which he is ashamed. But except where it was judged necessary to excite the mob by spectacular executions – as in France during the Terror – the escape route from real or imaginary sins was usually provided: even the worst sinners, once they had expressed true repentance, could in theory work their passage back to social acceptance, though perhaps only after many years of slave labor.”

Ask the Koch brothers about internal enemies. All they did was donate a few bucks to an election campaign in Wisconsin. Ask the silly CEOs who wander the media landscape muttering nonsense about “giving back” to the community. Like their companies stole from their customers, who voluntarily handed over their money in return for a product or service? Ask about mother earth, indigenous peoples, blacks, slavery, reparations and illegal aliens. White guilt and sensitivity training. School questionnaires designed to elicit parental activities and thought processes.

And at the end of the revolution lies the ever-present promise of rehabilitation by big media – if only they will display repentance and work to further the goals of the revolution.

Go to sleep, America. The wake-up calls are over.

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