We know that the man who is president promised during his campaign that he would run a transparent administration. But one main problem when dealing with Barack Obama lies in knowing the meaning of the words he uses.

Normally, transparency would mean an administration that would not obfuscate, hide or blatantly lie. It would be an administration that says what it means and means what it says.

The operative word there is “normal.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply in the Obama administration. Words mean only what Obama wants them to mean and he – with increasing frequency – tap-dances around the truth leaving people guessing.

He also leaves people with a growing skepticism about his honesty and intent. The best example of that are his popularity ratings. Now in the mid-40s, it shows he’ll face major hurdles in the upcoming campaign if the GOP comes up with a strong candidate.

No wonder Obama aims to raise at least $1 billion to finance his campaign. You can just hear media outlets across the country salivating at the prospect of all those advertising dollars, to say nothing of those who will be beneficiaries of campaign largesse.

Not bad for a little kid from – oh, somewhere – who just managed to get to the finest schools, make high level social connections, leapfrog from street activist to national politician and end up in the White House with all the power that entails.

Not bad for a guy who never held a job in his life and now finds himself consorting with kings and sheiks, politicians and international activists, dictators and tyrants.

Not bad for a guy who constantly tells his constituents that he remembers what it was like to pump gas and be concerned about the cost of the fuel.

What was that about transparency?

A billion bucks, huh? Not bad for a guy who, if any part of his life story that we’ve been told, is true, came from “nothing” and worked his way “up.”

The trouble is, none of that rings true – including his bleatings that he feels the pain of Americans struggling with the effects of a terrible economy, unemployment, disappearing jobs, rising prices for everything from food to fuel, loss of housing, and promises from every political corner that the only way for this country to survive is for taxes to be raised.

Obama and his family seem to be suffering from the Marie Antoinette syndrome. Let them eat cake, indeed.

While Americans are in financial pain, Obama never misses his golf games, the White House get-togethers and parties, his family vacations to elegant locales among the swells, and his international travels supposedly for diplomatic reasons but which manage to include an entourage of well-connected business executives, politically helpful friends and, of course, the entire family.

His children certainly will be well traveled and well connected. Somehow one doubts they’ll be grounded in any type of reality.

But Americans are grounded in reality; they face it every day of their lives. The average American has a growing awareness that the government led by Barack Obama is heading down a path that’s diametrically opposed to what Americans want for the country, for themselves and for their children.

Those “children” are the people in uniform, putting their lives on the line every day, with the charge that they defend this country.

We have a volunteer military, meaning we have people who’ve freely chosen to put their lives in the hands of the president, the Pentagon and Congress.

Their lives depend on the decisions made by others and perhaps for the first time in memory, there are serious questions about what they’re being asked to do, and more importantly, why.

We’re in three wars in the Middle East, being carried out with no real plan for the doing of them, no clear understanding as to the goal for them and in reality, no understanding of why we’re even involved.

Who’s in charge and what are we doing? How did it come to pass that we have a president who seemingly doesn’t know what he’s doing as a “war” president and who clearly hates every minute of it. He wants to be a war president but yet he doesn’t. In the meantime, in Afghanistan, our troops are being maimed and killed and he pretends not to notice.

Sending his wife out with Jill Biden to express public concern for military families is nothing more than a cheap political ploy. There is, after all, an election coming up.

With our allies stating publically that Obama seems distracted, with the Middle East chaos spreading, with the lawlessness of our borders becoming more and more violent, with multiple states teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, with our schools failing and the economy in tatters –
the man who is president is focused on raising money for his upcoming re-election campaign.

Just last week, after a transparently deceptive White House meeting on immigration – it was just a meeting of people in favor of amnesty – Obama traveled to two highly Hispanic states, California and Nevada, and did six fundraisers in two days.

It’s all about the money after all, and power for the little kid from – somewhere.

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