More likely than not, the reader is aware of certain remarks made on April 19 by Rep. Allen West on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. Asserting that President Obama’s April 13 speech on the deficit displayed “Third World dictator-like arrogance” and that his behavior resembled that of a low-level socialist agitator, West generally expressed disgust with the president and his policies as he uncompromisingly dismantled the façade of good intentions and feigned economic proficiency of the Obama administration.

Of course, there’s an excellent reason why Obama’s modus operandi might remind West of a low-level socialist agitator: That’s precisely what Obama is; it’s only owing to like-minded interests with deep pockets and a treasonous fourth estate that he did not remain such.

In my opinion, West was much too kind – although I deeply appreciate someone with his profile going as far as he did. I would wager that the congressman is also as tired of the status quo as we are, that in which it is the job of Democratic lawmakers to shepherd America into the global socialist fold, while it is the job of those in the GOP – with few exceptions – to pretend they have an interest in stopping them from doing so.

Given that, I was able to draw a parallel between these Republican lawmakers and the so-called “good” and “peaceful” Muslims we are admonished to believe are living quietly among us – too quietly, some say. The chief complaint is that these people have yet to come out for America and against radical Islamists. Some claim that they are afraid of the reprisals they might face from their radical brethren.

I believe there is another dynamic at work. I believe that many of these folks are cravenly declining to publicly pledge allegiance to America in the event that the radicals win. In such a scenario, they reason that they will be able to have it both ways: the benefits America offers, and the pre-eminence of their faith, illogical though this appears.

As Fox News’ Glenn Beck and others have pointed out, the GOP is replete with those who more readily fit the liberal, progressive or socialist mold than the conservative one. As such, they wouldn’t at all mind the level of power they will enjoy in the event the socialists are victorious over capitalism and the democratic process. Thus, they are far more likely to perform poorly (as it would be interpreted) than supporting those elements of the GOP who are committed to reversing the gains decades of liberalism have brought about.

In this perverse twist, the GOP and American Muslims occupy a queer common ground.

It goes without saying that these errant Republicans must either be culled or persuaded to behave; I shudder to think what will ultimately occur if things continue along their current course. At this point, too many Americans have become aware that we are witnessing a (so far) bloodless coup involving the most odious swine who have ever held high office in America. Right now, they know that the bulk of these reside within the Democratic Party. If they begin to perceive a large component of the GOP in the same light, it will become an imperative for their own political survival that all Republican lawmakers overtly align with those that they might perceive as radical at present.

The things we are now witnessing – union thuggery, radical black activists on the move, attacks on our economy by anti-capitalists – can all be placed squarely at Obama’s feet. These factions have always been well aware of his sentiments, and his displays of solidarity (most notably, his Justice Department’s refusal to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation) have only served to embolden them. As Obama continues to play the role of uniter – poorly – these groups will continue to foment as much chaos as possible, and our president will us this to undermine our Constitution, our economy and our standing in the international community.

In the meantime, pundits and patriots alike wonder aloud why only a handful of Republican leaders are calling a spade a spade as to these machinations, let alone making any effort to stifle the frenetic exertions of radicals in our government.

The bottom line: We are in a war against those who believe that a nation (or world) of impoverished serfs in thrall to the State (that would be them) is morally superior to one in which there is a stratification of wealth and variance in standards of living. In their narcissism, self-righteousness, arrogance and greed, they believe that they will remain among the august and unassailable few. As of now, they have no reason to believe otherwise.

In the end, patriotic Americans will not allow this to happen. When they deem that the radicals have gone too far, they will rally to stop it, by any means necessary. This will serve to validate the claims of the left that they are violent and dangerous, but by that point the die will have been cast.

God help us all if it comes to that.

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