Let’s face it – we all do it.

We’re all a little ego-centric.

So we all create Google alerts with our own names as search terms. Right? We all want to know what other people are saying about us.

In my case, it is often not good. The Media Matters echo chamber is vast and wide. I am persuaded that George Soros is funding 75 percent of the bloggers on the Internet. If you can’t find a job, I recommend criticizing me on the Internet. In no time, if you are mean enough and angry enough at me, Soros will be sending you checks. I think that’s the way it works. I’m pretty sure.

Nevertheless, occasionally, even a villain like me is rewarded with a nice surprise from the Google alert machine.

I found mine in the Princeton Union-Eagle.

I wasn’t previously familiar with that publication. At first I thought it might be the student newspaper at Princeton University – which would be a most unlikely place in which to find anything flattering about a person of my character and reputation. Then I found it was a weekly newspaper for Princeton, Minn.

Why was my name being mentioned in Princeton, Minn., I wondered?

What I found was a rather lengthy account of a tea-party rally in nearby Mille Lacs, undoubtedly a suburb of Princeton.

There were accounts of what a dozen speakers had to say at the tea-party rally.

It was the very last speaker who made reference to me.

That was Alexandra Matyja of Prior Lake. Matyja lived the first 11 years of her life in Communist Poland. She discussed how workers in the socialist society put in time and went through the motions of their jobs because there was no reward for excellence or high achievement. She discussed how her family would stand in food lines for hours, often to find out supplies of meat or other items had run out. She discussed the type of housing she lived in – few with their own bathrooms and no opportunity for daily showers.

Matyja was thus blessed to come to America and discover a much higher standard of living.

“This allows us to live fuller and more fun-filled lives,” she said. “And that is why I love America.”

But this refugee from Communism also recognizes a dark cloud rolling over her beloved America. She recognizes that cloud because she has seen it before. She has lived under it before. She fears the American Dream is turning into a nightmare.

She sees the breakdown in “anything goes” morality overtaking America. She sees the breakdown in seeking “instant gratification.” She sees the breakdown in the increase in “irresponsibility and disrespect for common decency.”

“What would have been considered shameful even a decade ago is very normal today,” she said. “It seems more and more people want something for nothing. I see laziness and mediocrity being rewarded while achievement and success are being ignored, or worse, punished. Political correctness has been turned into a curse which divides the American people and intimidates those who still hold on to common sense and honorable principles. It is like a dark veil over our eyes, preventing us from seeing clearly and deciding rationally.”

Matyja called the country’s court system a “joke.” She sees socialism being pushed on America in many ways. She sees little resemblance between today’s America and the one she emigrated to in 1963.

This woman sounds like my kind of gal. How about you?

Imagine how it tickled my heart to learn where she got her inspiration.

“Quoting an excerpt from the book by Joseph Farah titled ‘Taking America Back,’ Matyja said that people should read and study the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence, ‘and understand the American concept of freedom – a truly revolutionary idea. And fight for it. Don’t be intimidated by the conventional wisdom of the day. Be smart. Be right. Know your facts. Know the truth.'”

Isn’t it amazing how clearly someone who has lived through the nightmare of Communism can recognize the dark and sinister forces at work in America today?

Communist refugees understand.

They’ve been there. Done that.

But to where do we flee when the lights of freedom are extinguished in America?

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