What would you do if you were a woman alone and heard an intruder in your home? Hopefully you would grab your shotgun and deal with the matter. Of course you have a gun. You’re a wise and prepared individual, right? And no doubt you managed to chase the intruder away. Good for you.

Now let’s say you’ve had a really lousy day. You’re suffering from cancer. You’re living alone in a rural location and make your living breeding cows. Then a band of teenage thugs decides to camp next to your land. They start cutting down your trees for firewood. You own a shotgun but know better than to use it or even show it. When you confront them, you find them, er, exposing themselves. Then they threaten you with a chainsaw and a knife and declare they’re going to slit your throat and the throats of your animals. You stand your ground, but the thugs continue to cut branches, shout obscenities, expose themselves and throw stones at you. Really makes your day, doesn’t it?

So you call the police, who take 35 minutes to show up. They take a statement. A day or two later, they investigate the group camping next door and are told the “main instigator” had gone away. So in a move of brilliant logic, the police return the following Monday with a warrant to seize your (legally owned) shotgun and demand you turn over your shotgun license as well, concluding that you’re the potential threat for having the audacity to (legally) own a weapon … even though you never brandished the weapon when faced with thugs who threatened to kill you.

Amazingly this situation recently occurred to a 50-year-old British woman named Tracy St. Clair Pearce. It’s so nice to know serfdom is alive and well in Merry Olde England. Granted, the situation may not be “as clear-cut as it seems.” However, since no one disputes the fundamentals, I don’t see what could possibly be unclear about this story. So let’s move on to the next bit of lunacy.

A pub singer named Simon Ledger has been arrested – arrested!! – “on suspicion of racism” for singing “Kung Fu Fighting,” a disco song that was a No. 1 hit in 1974. Two Chinese people walking past the pub heard the song, became offended and called the police.

So now you can be arrested merely on the suspicion of racism in Merry Olde England. For singing a song. A song, incidentally, that can still be heard on oldies stations around the world.

And since the English people apparently can no longer be trusted as competent free-thinking adults, a massive 10 percent of the closed circuit television cameras, or CCTV, in the world are located in England – 2.5 million out of a worldwide estimate of 25 million cameras. All those cameras in one tiny little country.

And don’t you dare speak ill of the Muslim population in England or you’ll be banned from visiting the country at all. As is the case anywhere they go, the “religion of peace” has the English government thoroughly cowed. Remember Michael Savage?

Though I have never been there, I have always been fascinated by England. I devour English history. I can reel off facts about the Tudors in my sleep. If I had the money and the time, I would love nothing more than to embark on a leisurely six-month stroll through that ancient land, absorbing its history and meeting its people.

But now I’m not so sure. What if I accidentally start humming “Kung Fu Fighting” or “Midnight at the Oasis” or something? I could be arrested for racism.

In our homeschool history studies, we’re discussing the Magna Carta and the impact it had not only on England, but on America’s founding documents as well. But, sadly, it seems the cruel, unfair serfdom of the Lancastrian era has returned in full vigor to Merry Olde England. Ordinary people are arrested for doing ordinary things like defending their property or singing popular songs.

Gee, it sounds just like America.

No I’m not kidding. There are increasing examples of absurd liberty overkill here at home. Millions of people are now randomly classified as racists simply for questioning our president’s socialist policies or cloudy origins. If you want to obtain a passport, you are now required to answer ridiculous and personal questions such as whether you’ve been circumcised and where your mother lived before you were born. And – not to be outdone by England’s fascination for cameras – a town of 5,000 in New York has installed no fewer than 44 traffic cams to “compare the license plate of every car going into the village against federal and state crime databases such as most-wanted lists, stolen vehicle alerts and suspected terrorist files.”

And, of course, there are endless attempts to restrict the Second Amendment. As any educated person knows, serfs don’t own guns.

It astounds me how a place like America, which leaped forward 5,000 years in peace, prosperity and freedoms because of the unique philosophies set into our nation’s founding documents, is voluntarily ceding those liberties to a tyrannical government which strives (apparently) to emulate the increasing restrictions of Merry Olde England. We are becoming nothing more than government serfs, just like the sad plight of the serfs in feudal England.

Ironically, the people most likely to warn us about the path we’re following are those who lived under the oppression of European socialistic or communistic regimes such as 1960s Poland or 1930s Austria.

Unfortunately for us, their warnings are not reaching the ears of the American serfs. The evils of government tyranny are no longer taught in government schools, reported in the government media or decried on the floor of the government’s legislative bodies. This is especially grim because this country – the United States of America – was the fountainhead of freedom around the world.

We used to be the shining city on the hill. But in the haunting words of Kitty Werthmann, “After America … there’s no place to go.”

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