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A working group of the Center for Security Policy is demanding that Congress investigate how far the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated into the security apparatus of the United States government.

In a letter jointly addressed to the leadership of both houses of Congress, members of the organization’s designated “Team B-2” oppose the Justice Department’s arguments in favor of continued overtures to the Muslim community.

The team is a group of accomplished civilian and military national security professionals who previously issued a 177-page “Shariah, The Threat to America” report. It offered a “second opinion” on the “totalitarian legal-political-military doctrine known within Islam as Shariah.”

The report was based on six months of intensive study and was inspired by the 1976 “Team B” report that challenged the then-prevailing U.S. government intelligence estimates about the intentions and offensive capabilities of the Soviet Union during a period of “détente.”

In the statement released to the media, Center for Security Policy Team B-2 states members are calling on Congress to do what the executive branch will not.

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“The authors of a groundbreaking report entitled “Shariah: The Threat to America,” called on the legislative branch to do something the executive branch seems determined not to undertake: A rigorous investigation of the extent to which the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealthy ‘civilization jihad’ has gained access to and influence over the United States government, with grave implications for the national security,” the statement said.


Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney says the center’s leaders felt compelled to contact Congress.

“This Justice Department source indicated that the second phase of the Holy Land Foundation trials had been squashed by political appointees at the Justice Department,” Gaffney asserted.

The Holy Land Foundation trials resulted in a long list of convictions for terror financing. But it also left a long list of “unindicted co-conspirators,” and there has been considerable pressure for further investigations into those entities, to see whether charges should result.

“They were presumably doing so according to the source as a result of the political embarrassment it would cause the administration,” Gaffney also said.

“All of this seemed to warrant a request to the congressional leadership,” Gaffney added.

Gaffney says the letter draws heavily on the actual Team B-2 report.

“The report draws heavily on evidence that the government itself introduced in the Holy Land Foundation trial that indicates that the Muslim Brotherhood is deeply involved, and in some cases controls outright, most of the prominent Muslim-American organizations in the United States,” Gaffney observed.

Gaffney adds that he isn’t sure of what issues would have been compromised, but he believes the issues would have gone beyond the political realm.

“It’s the kind of thing a thorough investigation might reveal,” Gaffney commented.

In a statement about the letter, Florida Security Council Director and Team B-2 member Tom Trento clarifies the letter’s objective.

“It’s not a request for an investigation; it’s a demand for an investigation,” Trento emphasized.

Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow Clare Lopez says Team B-2
sent the letter because the information uncovered recently by a team member demands answers.

“The information uncovered by team member Patrick Poole, a counterterrorism expert, [came from] interviews with Justice Department officials,” Lopez stated.

“He learned from those Justice Department people that the investigations and further prosecutions of the unindicted co-conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation-Hamas terrorism funding trial would not go forward,” Lopez stated further.

Lopez explains that the federal prosecutor’s office in Dallas was prepared to proceed.

“Those top-level political appointees in the Department of Justice had made the decision not to go forward with any further prosecutions even though Jim Jacks, the prosecutor in Dallas, and his team were all set to go,” Lopez stated.

She says that one of the officials who was in line for trial was an official with CAIR.

“This list includes Omar Ahmad from CAIR. The immediate catalyst for
this letter comes from those explosive interviews,” Lopez said.

Lopez notes that the letter refers to House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King’s hearings on Islamic radicalization.

“In the letter we reference the hearings held by Peter King about the radicalization of the Muslim community in America,” Lopez explained. “Referencing that is a way of hoping that either his committee or other related committees will take it upon themselves to launch other investigations.”

King, a New York Republican, held congressional hearings on the increasingly radical Muslim-American community and a Los Angeles Times story reported in March that King said the hearings were a success.

Lopez adds that she hopes for a positive response from Congress.

“We’re hoping that committees in Congress will take it upon themselves to hold hearings, to bring officials from the Justice Department to those hearings and question them on the record on why the decision was taken to stop further prosecutions of those unindicted co-conspirators,” Lopez commented.

Lopez emphasizes that Poole’s interviews revealed that there was enough evidence to prosecute some of the people on the list of unindicted co-conspirators.

Gaffney admits that if congressional leaders investigate the Muslim Brotherhood and why the prosecutions were suspended that the hearings could turn into a political side show.

“I’ve been around this town long enough to know that there’s always that danger,” Gaffney observed.

But he said he believes the issue should be bipartisan.

“That might argue for getting something done or it might argue for absolutely nothing getting done,” Gaffney said.

“The Obama administration has said in response to Patrick’s revelation that they were just doing as the Bush administration had done. Indeed to some extent that’s true,” Gaffney observed.

Gaffney went on to explain.

“Andy McCarthy has done a good job of explaining that the decision to pursue a case in 2004 against the five conspirators and have the others treated as unindicted co-conspirators was based on a particular set of facts,” Gaffney explained.

“There is simply no question, and we document this in the book, that the Bush administration was similarly subjected to a concerted infil operation and was engaging and reaching out to some of the same problematic individuals as has the Obama administration,” Gaffney said.

“So our critique here is not a partisan one,” Gaffney said.

The center also recently released a study that said attacks on Muslims do not happen a great deal more than attacks on Christians. And attacks on Jews number up to eight times as many.

The results were in a 42-page report called “Religious Bias Crimes 2000-2009: Muslim, Jewish and Christian Victims – Debunking the Myth of a Growing Trend of Muslim Victimization.”

The evaluation used statistics on reported crimes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

The study contradicts claims that religious bias crimes against Muslims have increased because of the spread of so-called “Islamophobia.” The report said “religious bias crimes – also known as hate crimes – against Muslim Americans, measured by categories of incidents, offenses or victims, have remained relatively low with a downward trend since 2001, and are significantly less than the numbers of bias crimes against Jewish victims.”

Gaffney said the report “is important because it exposes a false belief perpetuated by a few vocal groups that religious bias crimes against Muslims are on the upswing.”

“The truth is quite the opposite,” he said. “These arguments, unsubstantiated by hard factual data, are corrosive to community relationships at every level of American society, and a potential threat to national security.”

The project was delivered to members of Congress.

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