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More transparent lies from Obama

The April 24 headline in the Contra Costa Times about officials falling asleep on the job made my head spin because it wasn’t about air traffic controllers. It was about U.S. Border Patrol agents!

The lengthy article, from the Los Angeles Times, was complete with a huge picture of a border location so deserted, it could have been from an old western movie.

According to the Times, there are so few illegals crossing the border that agents get bored on duty, so they watch videos and take naps.

The conclusion is the lack of border action reflects that the border is secure – with the not-so-hidden inference that illegal border crossing is almost a non-issue on most of the Mexican border.

It’s a textbook example of left-wing media swallowing the Obama administration Kool-Aid and coming up with a “news report” that dovetails perfectly with DHS head Janet Napolitano’s repeated statements that the border with Mexico is “… more secure now than it’s ever been.”

To hear her, almost no one is crossing the border and disappearing into the U.S. and taking advantage of American taxpayers.

Napolitano and Michael Fisher, Border Patrol chief, quote figures showing that apprehensions of illegals is down and, as Napolitano frames it, the “problem” of illegals is almost negligible.

Yeah, Janet. Tell that to the rancher in Cochise County, near the border, who recently found 40 illegals on his property demanding work or they’d take what they wanted. Not long after, another rancher found nine individuals with the same demands.

I guess, according to the feds’ math, since they weren’t “apprehended at the border,” they don’t count.

The feds don’t know how many “illegal crossings” there are, so the number of “apprehensions” is meaningless. They literally don’t know how many got away.

It’s too bad Napolitano doesn’t spend some time with local sheriffs, or with people who live at or near the border and find out about the filth and crimes they’re subjected to by illegals regularly trooping across their land.

According to Border Patrol agents and county and local law enforcement, illegals crossing the border today are not benign Mexicans who come to here to pick lettuce. These people have a sense of entitlement. When they can’t beg the food and water and whatever else they want, they become threatening and dangerous.

Why not? They know that if an American citizen refuses the demands or tries to protect himself, his home, land or property, the law and the feds will defend the criminal illegal not the citizen.

When an American can be arrested, charged and found guilty of violating the civil rights of an illegal alien who threatened him on his own private property – then it’s the justice system that’s broken not the immigration system.

Proof of this broken system comes from Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever. Numerous U.S. Border Patrol officials told him they’re under orders by the feds not to apprehend illegals crossing the border.

In fact, they told Dever the goal is to keep the apprehension numbers low – and they are lower. Dever told me that may be true but the people being caught are different. He says they, and especially the smugglers are “… bad, bad, dangerous people.”

Needless to say, as soon as Dever went public with this information, he was essentially labeled a liar. Jeffery Self, commander of Customs and Border Protection Joint Field Command in Arizona, told Fox News that the claim is “unequivocally false.”

But Dever doesn’t back down. In fact, he’s been inundated with emails and letters from current and former Border Patrol agents supporting his contention.

What’s the point of this? Well, remember, Barack Obama’s goal is amnesty for the millions of illegals already in this country.

Obama doesn’t call it “amnesty.” He knows most Americans would object. So he calls it “comprehensive immigration reform,” which sounds so much nicer.

The government line is that our immigration system is “broken.”

Nonsense. That system isn’t broken, it’s just being abused and ignored.

We have a system and the guidelines to get legal papers to travel, live and/or work here. We have rules for people to become citizens. It’s a system that’s worked throughout our history.

What we don’t have is a system to prevent hundreds of thousands of illegals a month from storming across our border. We don’t use enough people or equipment stop to the invasion.

The reason is because government doesn’t have the will. It’s intentional failure.

Politicians want the Hispanic vote, cities provide feel-good sanctuary, businesses want cheap labor, churches enable illegals under the guise of “social justice,” and powerful immigrant “rights” groups use the law – all are destroying our immigration system and ultimately our country.

It’s an invasion, and it’s made worse by drug cartels moving drugs, weapons and people across the border.

The violence they perpetrate results in massive killings and beheadings in Mexico. But it’s cross-border violence now, with American citizens and law enforcement the victims.

But, while the president ignores the violence, he held a below-the-radar immigration meeting in Washington on April 19 to discuss getting what he wants.

And remember, regardless of what Obama calls it, he wants to give American citizenship to illegal aliens – amnesty.

Nineteen people were invited – including Al Sharpton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Trumka, the AFL/CIO and Salt Lake City Catholic Bishop John Wester.

There were a half dozen immigrant rights activists who were not named on the guest list. All were essentially amnesty proponents.

Among those who were not invited: border state governors, sheriffs or police. Obama doesn’t go there, and Napolitano lies.

We’re at war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, but don’t forget the Mexican border. That’s a war too – one we’re losing with the help of our government.

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