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More questions than answers

It is truly remarkable to witness the speed with which the mainstream and conservative media have revised their opinion about Obama’s birth certificate. The reader may recall that for most of the last three years, the media have been insisting that Obama released his genuine birth certificate when, in fact, all he had released was the short form “Certification of Live Birth.”

Amusingly, some Internet sites that purport to be devoted to fact-checking still haven’t caught up yet with the latest revisionism. For example, About.com is still, as of May 1, insisting that the document released last week by the Obama administration does not exist and that there is no significant distinction between the birth-related document released in 2008 and the one released in 2011.

According to both the Hawaii state government website and a June 6, 2009, article in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, the computer-generated Certification of Live Birth is the only kind of birth record now issued by the state (original records are stored electronically), so the distinction between “short-form” and “long-form” is moot.

How astonishing that the administration officials somehow managed to obtain what we were informed was unobtainable, if not nonexistent. Once more, we see the strategic geniuses in the Obama administration undercutting Obama’s self-appointed defenders. The fact is that the so-called “birthers” were correct all along. Obama had not released a copy of his original birth certificate, and the copy of the Certification of Live Birth released in 2008 was not a copy of his genuine birth certificate.

And this is all assuming that the document released last week is legitimate, an assumption which has been cast into reasonable doubt by a number of interesting anomalies that have been noted by various individuals who have examined the purported birth certificate.

1) Snopes reports that Doctor David T. West delivered Obama. However, the delivering doctor on the released document is David A. Sinclair.

2) The father’s race on the newly released document, dating 1961, is “African.” But in 1961, the racial classification to which Mr. Obama belonged was categorized as “Negro.”

3) The signature dates of the mother and attendant on the newly released document are identical to the signature dates of the attendant and supervisor on the supposedly forged Kenyan birth document that was produced in 2009 by Orly Taitz. Even if the Kenyan document is a forgery (and this document has its own suspicious anomalies), how was it possible for whomever created it to correctly include two specific details that were absent from the document released in 2008 and present on the one released in 2011?

4) Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker has produced a video demonstrating that the released document is not, as it is claimed to be, a photograph, a photocopy or even a scan, but a graphic image created on a computer. This suggests that the document itself is a forgery, even if the information it contains is completely accurate.

All of this is, of course, irrelevant to either the constitutional or the political realities of the country. Both the conservative and mainstream medias long ago decided that they would see, hear and speak no evil concerning the legitimacy of Mr. Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah, and so it would not matter if conclusive evidence was produced proving that Obama was a man-eating, shape-shifting invader from the ninth moon of Neptune instead of merely not being a natural-born American due to his father’s documented inability to confer such status. There will be no impeachment hearings, and Republican elders will be quick to criticize any elected officials who dare to publicly doubt the latest version of the official story.

However, it will be interesting to see if Democrats continue to stick by Obama as he leads them from devastating political defeats into disastrous budget debacles. Those of us who don’t travel in elite Washington circles can’t possibly know what is being whispered behind closed doors, but there appear to be increasingly strange eddies in the political continuum. So, don’t be too surprised if there is an “unexpected” challenge to Obama’s nomination and the Democrats wind up putting forward a different presidential candidate for election in 2012.