Behind the much-justified festivity around the U.S. military’s recent and permanent neutralization of al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden is an almost palpable sense of frenzied political maneuvering. One gets the feeling that it runs far deeper than President Obama merely positioning himself for re-election.

I never jumped on the “birther” bandwagon (concerning Obama’s reticence to produce his long-form birth certificate) publicly, not because I didn’t think there was subterfuge going on in that area, but because I believed that the time spent trying to run down the evidence of said subterfuge, prove its voracity and then attempt to use it in the president’s ouster would have been less prudent an expenditure of time than impeding the progress of this radical administration.

That said, I have no problem whatever with those who have doggedly pursued the birth-certificate issue for the last few years. Indeed, Obama’s inscrutability inspires such action, and given his comportment, there was no reason not to believe he might be concealing something that would have rendered him ineligible to serve as president. I’ve no objection to employing guerrilla tactics to foil anyone who presents such a grave danger to this nation. The events of the last few days do not alter the fact that Obama is a closet communist whose agenda is to dispense with capitalism and our status as a constitutional republic.

Since the release of the supposed birth certificate copy last week, the document has probably been pored over more than the Dead Sea Scrolls. I happen to have a fairly extensive background in graphics; as I surmised would occur after examining it myself, the “experts” split into factions. One claimed that the presence of layers and other artifacts in the document (visible in various graphics applications) proved it was engineered rather than copied; another claimed that these phenomena were byproducts of the digital process and so did not construe or suggest a forgery.

Given that we live in a society wherein some research scientists claim that cigarette toxins are carcinogenic, while others claim that tar and nicotine are vitamins, I was not surprised.

Back to the aforementioned behind-the-scenes machinations: It didn’t take long for commentators to begin looking askance at the timing of the bin Laden hit. Leaving aside the grief that real-estate mogul Donald Trump was causing with the birth certificate questions and other embarrassing inquiries, the president’s poll numbers and public perception were pretty abysmal. His leftist base was furious over his entangling our military in the Libyan conflict at all, while the right criticized his methods in that campaign. And despite the Orwellian coverage emanating from the establishment press, conditions from the economy to the southern border continue to deteriorate on this president’s watch.

In a very real sense, Obama likely saw the wolves beginning to circle, anticipating the imminent implosion of this presidency.

So, suspicion that Obama carefully timed bin Laden’s demise to defray criticism is quite appropriate. It’s even been speculated that the Libya strike over the weekend was supposed to take out Moammar Gadhafi so that the president might be able to hold two heads aloft rather than one and be perceived as a real hero. Screw the base; Obama knows that most Americans would think more of him for delivering just deserts upon those scoundrels.

We don’t know who if anybody in the government was aware that bin Laden or a high-value target was living in the compound. It’s logical to assume he had a supporting network. What constituted that network remains to be seen. …

– White House press secretary Jay Carney, May 3, 2011

Pakistan’s supposed ignorance of bin Laden’s presence in their country doesn’t bode well for that government. Perhaps Pakistan is next in the string of Muslim nations whose governments Obama throws under the bus for the sake of the emerging Islamist superstate. Only the administration’s subsequent moves will determine how that plays out, of course.

The theatrics of the bin Laden operation and its aftermath have given great pause to those who already tend to be suspicious of this president – particularly in light of the ailing economy and desperate state of many American families. Disclosure of the administration having allegedly known of bin Laden’s whereabouts since January has pundits wondering – as does the changing narrative of bin Laden’s takedown.

Like the long-running birth-certificate fiasco – which was deftly orchestrated by Obama, by the by – are there elements of the bin Laden mission that this tech-savvy president controlled or even contrived? Again, like the birth certificate, these questions are being meticulously examined as I write this.

Will this victory for the American people also contain hidden “layers”?

For the sake of argument, I certainly won’t deny the president credit for doing the right thing, nor the American people their joy that the butt-lipped, doe-eyed primitive who murdered 3,000 of us is finally dead. The truth never sleeps, however; if Obama was merely kicking sand into our eyes to obscure his designs, he would do well to remember that wolves can close in far more quickly than it takes for dust to settle.

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