In an orchestrated public-relations campaign following the death of Osama bin Laden (OBL), President Barack Hussein Obama, in conjunction with the American Muslim community, sent forth messengers, like the Ground Zero mosque Imam Faisal Rauf, to spew forth an amazing message: The time for “healing” between Muslims, Christians and Jews has come with OBL’s demise. In other words, non-Muslims should allegedly stop persecuting and get “off the backs” of Muslims and look the other way regarding their general nonchalance toward terrorism.

Given that Muslims had nothing to with OBL’s assassination, the notion that they should profit from and are deserving of so-called healing is not only bizarre, but also outrageous. The hard fact is that most Muslims in the United States have remained silent in the years since 9/11 and have done little to nothing in the way of healing. One of the biggest offenders in this regard is the “mullah in chief” himself, who not only refused last year to have a White House celebration of the National Day of Prayer, but instead feasted the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Obama used the occasion, not coincidentally, to endorse the Ground Zero mosque.

In the wake of OBL’s death, Obama also paid additional homage to his favored Muslims. First, he ordered that OBL receive an immediate Muslim burial at sea, at U.S. taxpayers’ expense, incredibly in accordance with Shariah law. Then, in further deference to Muslims, he refused to order the release of the photos proving that OBL indeed was killed, claiming that it would offend and inflame Muslims worldwide – as if they are not inflamed enough against Christians and Jews, by their own accord. (Freedom Watch has filed Freedom of Information and Privacy Act requests to obtain these photos. The effort will undoubtedly require a court suit, as Obama will not give up the evidence willingly.)

Finally, to justify his actions, Obama, in a chorus with Muslim “leaders” like Imam Rauf, who in 2001 told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that the United States was an accomplice to 9/11, incredulously argued that OBL was not really a Muslim – since he and al-Qaida have killed fellow Muslims as well. This was offered as a further reason for healing. Never mention the historical fact that Muslims have happily massacred their fellow Muslims for centuries; indeed, the continuing and bloody war between Shiites and Sunnis – who have what they claim are irreconcilable views about their “messiah” – is just one example of how this so-called religion practices what it preaches – that “non-believers,” that is infidels, must be “offed,” no matter what their origin.

In short, what we saw this week was Obama and his Muslim friends literally “making love” with each other, all made possible thanks to the death of OBL. While it was “theatre of the absurd,” there does not seem to be a denouement in sight to Obama and his administration’s support of Muslims at our expense.

So it was in that context that my brave first-responder client in our lawsuit to stop the Ground Zero mosque, Vinnie Forras, and I called upon Obama to practice what he preaches and withdraw his endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque. If the war on terrorism reached a milestone with the killing of OBL, and if now is a time for healing, then, by Obama’s own reasoning, why open “old” wounds with the building of a mosque on hallowed ground at Ground Zero, we argued. See In this regard, after their Imam Faisal Rauf sent out his call for healing, the media asked him if he still plans build the mosque. His response was a terse and resounding “yes.” This was totally predictable – why not now continue to use psychological terror now that the master of terror, OBL, is dead?

Needless to say, lets not hold our breadth that Obama will now withdraw his support for the Ground Zero mosque. Instead, he and his comrades undoubtedly have other things up their sleeve. One is the destruction of Israel as we know it – the homeland of Jesus and Moses.

Just this week, and as discussed in last week’s column, the Obama-backed new Muslim Brotherhood-oriented regime in Egypt brokered peace between the two rival factions of the Palestinians, Hamas and Fatah. This unification between Hamas, which is a U.S. recognized terrorist group, and Fatah, the faction previously founded and operated by the terrorist Yasser Arafat, but which in recent years had appeared to some more moderate, will present a united front for Palestinian statehood at the General Assembly meeting of the United Nations this fall. Sponsored as well by the Obama administration and the rest of the so-called Quartet – the United Nations itself, Russia and the European Union – this is a further dagger into the side not only of Israel, but all Jews and Christians. And, harming Israel and having it surrounded by a new Palestinian state on the West Bank, at pre-1967 borders, as Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have threatened, will further Muslim designs worldwide by compromising not just Israeli but, by definition, Western security interests as well.

So there you have it: The American military finally succeeds in killing OBL, and our Muslim-sympathizing president uses it as an occasion to in effect feast, bow down to and further the interests of Muslims worldwide. This is further proof that the enemy not only rests in the halls of al-Qaida, but the hallowed halls of our White House.

Allahu Akbar, in the not-so-guarded thoughts and actions of our president!

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