Longtime ACORN ally HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan has gone very, very quiet about his links to ACORN, arguably one of the most corrupt activist organizations around, according to a new report.

The revelations come in a stunning new book, “Subversion Inc.,” by award-winning investigative journalist Matthew Vadum.

Vadum, senior editor at Capital Research Center, a think tank that studies left-wing advocacy groups and their funders, has assembled the information from nearly three years of research and hundreds of interviews.

After years of working closely with radical activist group ACORN suddenly President Obama’s Housing and Urban Development secretary has nothing to say about the notorious group thought to have contributed to the mortgage meltdown.

Shaun Donovan, who was sworn in as the 15th HUD secretary on Jan. 26, 2009, collaborated intimately with ACORN in his five years as housing boss for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the book reports.

Get the book that reveals the ongoing criminal enterprise known as ACORN. This book is so explosive, copies have been provided to all 535 members of the House and Senate in hopes of prompting further investigation of the subversive activity it exposes.

Before taking office as HUD’s top official Donovan was Bloomberg’s housing development commissioner. He worked closely with ACORN on multiple projects over a half decade, according to Vadum’s book.

“Perhaps no administration official has had more interaction with ACORN than” Donovan, the New York Times reported Oct. 16, 2009. Reinforcing the newspaper’s point, ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis praised the HUD secretary. “We grew to respect him, and he grew to respect us,” she said.

Roll Call, a Washington, D.C. newspaper that covers Capitol Hill, reported Lewis admitted “ACORN has friends in high places for the first time in a long time.” Lewis further acknowledged “that she has particularly good relationships with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan and with Patrick Gaspard, the White House political director.”

Yet after undercover videos surfaced in September 2009 showing ACORN employees offering tax and financial advice to two conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute, all of a sudden Donovan didn’t want to talk about ACORN anymore. He refused media requests to discuss his ties to the discredited group.

In fact, WND reported in 2009 on a series of undercover videos made at various ACORN offices where ACORN officials appeared to be trying to help facilitate the smuggling of underage girls into the U.S. for prostitution.

At that time, WND also reported on Barack Obama’s long timeline with the organization.

The book also reveals that for eight months in 2010 HUD stonewalled Vadum’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that sought correspondence between Donovan and ACORN. HUD’s own rules require that FOIA requests be processed within 45 days. Government officials often delay FOIA requests they don’t want to comply with or which could reveal information damaging to other officials.

Eventually HUD replied that no such correspondence existed:

According to the book, this is next to impossible to believe given the longstanding close relationship between Donovan and ACORN.

ACORN has long had friends on the inside at HUD. ACORN quietly worked with the Clinton administration to obtain grants. Clinton’s first HUD secretary, Henry Cisneros, looked for ways to raid the public treasury on ACORN’s behalf, the book reports.

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Because of the potentially criminal activity documented in this explosive book, copies of “Subversion, Inc.” by Matthew Vadum have been sent by the publisher, WND Books, to all 535 members of the House and Senate in hopes of prompting further investigation of ACORN and its tentacles.

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