America’s Founding Fathers thought freedom of the press important enough in preserving our constitutional liberties that they added the guarantee of a free press into the Bill of Rights.

At that time, there was no “big media.” The “press” was literally a printing press, most often run by the local printer (think Ben Franklin).

Today we might think of it as an individual who writes a pamphlet and takes it down to the corner copy store, then sells a few hundred individual copies. There was no such thing as a mass audience. No radio. No television. No Internet. No Nielsen ratings. No audience demographics. The biggest audience went to the person with the best ideas and the biggest voice on the local street corner.

Yet somehow – against all odds – the press of that day got the job done. Information was disseminated, and people drew their own conclusions by talking with friends and neighbors and listening to political candidates who stood on the street corner and gave their speeches.

Fast forward to the growth of big media, Nielsen audiences and advertiser demographics. Big media became big business. News was disseminated from the top down: Big media controlled what became news because they reported, or failed to report, it.

Through the opinion pages, big media also told a less connected, more harried society what to think about the news big media reported. This slowly moved off the opinion pages and onto the news pages, where it was labeled “analysis.”

Freedom of the press had become a method of controlling people – primarily how they would vote at election time. Our freedom now depended on the morals and ethics of the people who worked for big media.

The Internet pushed big media into a further corner. Unable to control what is reported, and unable to control what we think about it, big media have taken their last stand.

Big media have eliminated the middle man – the citizen – and now seek to directly control what our elected representatives see and hear, and what they think about it. And because of the cozy atmosphere in Washington, D.C., this works, more often than not.

Voting stockholder shares in most big media are controlled by small groups of uber-wealthy, old-money families. Most shareholders have no vote. These families have lived off the previous generation’s wealth-creation efforts, and they have no idea of how a nation’s wealth is created and grows. But they still “know” what is best for all the rest of us commoners, based on their long history of leaching off earlier family generations.

Don’t believe me? The sale of the Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch is very instructive. Even when these few families sold the paper and got the money, they still wanted an agreement in place to control how the news was being reported.

Why does this matter?

House Speaker John Boehner and other key Republicans have listened to their constituents, analyzed the economic evidence and taken a stand: Current deficit spending is unsustainable, and new taxes will destroy the fledgling economy. America will have to move toward a balanced budget by reducing spending.

The reaction of big media was vitriolic. The headlines may as well have been written by Goebbels’ Third Reich propagandists. And the “news” stories competed to misrepresent Boehner’s speech at the Economic Club of New York. Big media were proud to trumpet Boehner’s “real” goal: to kill old people.

This reporting was an end run around we the people – in the service of their bankster friends and patrons – who have already received hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars so the poor babies wouldn’t have to miss their bonus checks, despite ruining the economy for an entire generation with their greed and corruption.

Put bluntly, big media don’t give a poop contraction what their readers and viewers think. If you doubt that, then consider how little their propagandizing has changed while their audience numbers continue to dwindle. Why wouldn’t they change their reporting style to broaden their audience?

The families that run big East Coast media do it for control. And that control comes at the expense of your vote. This media pressure is why so many new representatives cave when they go to D.C. Politicians want to be liked. They’re short on time. And they still trust big media’s brand to tell them what the folks back home are thinking.

What to do? Let key Republicans and your representatives know what you’re thinking. Send a handwritten note. Make a telephone call. Send a fax or an email. In that order of preference.

Do it this week and then do it again next week. And the week after that. Tell them you support them, that the people you know and talk to support them, and you’re proud of them for doing the right thing for our nation and our future. And tell them you will stand with them in the next election. Then do it. In the poisonous media atmosphere of D.C., they need to know.

From a bedrock of freedom to a tool of totalitarianism, the Fourth Estate has turned into the Fourth Reich. It’s been quite a journey for freedom of the press. And quite a journey for America.

God willing, the story doesn’t end here, in the Democrats’ God-forsaken socialist cesspool.

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